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  • Eat, Do the Right Thing, Sleep, Repeat

    I’ve never thought that I would get hooked to an anime where the whole plot revolved around a particular class of students that have been assigned to assassinate a teacher while the teacher simultaneously tries to teach the students of that class while avoiding the
  • Blur

    He looked on in the distance with an empty stare. There was nothing particular those soulless pair of eyes were looking at. He did not care about what he was looking at. His mind could not fathom whatever was going on around him. Quite honestly, he wasn’t even
  • Financial Management for Dummies

    Bookkeeping for a business is necessary to keep a record of revenues and expenses for better profitability. It’s also important to record the necessary financial information for filing your tax returns. Bookkeeping can be separated into three simple steps:
  • The thin line between freedom of speech and hate speech

    We live in the age of liberalism. We get to speak out about things in public that would have been considered as unacceptable centuries ago. We are now able to speak up against inequality, point out flaws in our society, and express our personal opinions on a great deal of matters.
  • The Art of Jumping to Conclusions

    South Asians are a peculiar bunch. We live with our set-in-stone values and refuse to accept that we may be wrong at times. We are experts at instantly coming to our own conclusions about a topic we hardly know or a person we barely met.