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  • Araf Momen Aka

  • The Art of Jumping to Conclusions

    South Asians are a peculiar bunch. We live with our set-in-stone values and refuse to accept that we may be wrong at times. We are experts at instantly coming to our own conclusions about a topic we hardly know or a person we barely met.
  • 2D Tanks of Carnage and Fun

    Tank Stars is a turn-based 2D platform game by Playgendary where you make two 2D modelled tanks battle out in a satisfyingly destructible environment. Tanks can be moved horizontally only and you aim by setting the position, angle and power of the shot.
  • The Spooky, The Scary & The Downright Hilarious

    Tired of reading the same old stories of love, crime, why marketing is the ‘best course for students ever’, and generally twisted made-up tales? Do you want to spice your reading experience up with horror and ‘horror’ stories? Here is the perfect free app for you.
  • Things That Never Change in Villages

    Bangladeshis that hardly go anywhere else. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing either of course.
  • Snapshoot

    The story of a social networking app

    Hi, my name is Snapshoot. I was a social networking app that had once been on the top, and now I’m rolling down in the mud, trying to cling on so that I don’t fall into the grave Facecopy dug for me.