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  • Weird demands your faculty members make

    We have all heard the stories our seniors told us about how amazing university life is. How the torture ends after college, how university life is all about hanging out with friends, attending concerts and sitting in a coffee shop with friends and drinking overpriced and overhyped beverages.

  • People as pitha

    With the Bangladeshi winter rearing its humid, stagnant, cold head (seriously, you just won't feel it until you move) closer to our faces, you will notice a certain variety of localised rice cake that nearly every Bangladeshi loves to gorge themselves with.

  • Understanding people from the way they code

    The alignment of heavenly bodies or the lines on the palm of your hands will never reveal much about you. Your coding or programming style on the other hand, will unravel even the darkest secrets or personality traits that you have.

  • Stages of deciding where to eat

    With the huge stack of things to stress about in university life, choosing a place to eat with your friends poses as the cherry on top. Be it lunch breaks, cancelled classes or someone's birthday, deciding on restaurants has proven to be a neverending struggle that most of us face on a daily basis. Hence, the following is a list of stages that make up this gruesome process.

  • Types of people you find at a meeting

    If you're not interested in meetings, perhaps you would be more willing to discover the various people who show up (or at times don't) at the meeting.

  • A mad descent into Indian soap operas

    That one fateful day began like any other. I was in one of my many stages of being a freeloader by wandering about the house with my eyes glued to my phone, thumb on autopilot scrolling through senseless memes.

  • Transportation from movies we need in Bangladesh

    The modes of transportation discussed below are interesting, eye catching and most importantly, practical for the roads of our country.

  • The types of people you meet while taking a morning walk

    Talking about the weather is a polite way of starting a conversation with an absolute stranger. But sometimes, there are people who actually forget that the weather was what initialised the conversation and that they can actually move on to other topics.

  • Makeup tips for horrible people

    Makeup is ubiquitous and comes in many varieties, just like human beings. Unfortunately, what is not common and doesn't exist are makeup tips specifically for horrible people. So I decided to write some.

  • How to help a new person in your squad adjust

    When there's a new member in our squad or at work, we have an innate tendency to think that the newbie will adjust to the new bubble all by themselves.

  • The Chronicles of Teaching English to Five Grown Men

    Sunday rolled in inevitably, June 10, 2012, today would be my first day working in a proper office. I had woken up feeling prepared, the job ahead was as ideal as it could get. Being an English course instructor seemed, at the time, a career path I was confident I could undertake.

  • Thoughts on a roller coaster

    Being an adrenaline junkie sometimes leads my life to be measured in a string of roller coasters. Yet, I'm not one of those daredevils who are all “rush all the time with no nervousness”. The emotional roller coaster I go through while actually riding a real one is quite the experience, and it all starts with getting in line.

  • The best fairness cream in town

    Yes, that's right. The best fairness cream in town has arrived. Last year we brought to you a fairness cream that lightens the skin tone of your face at least three times more than your normal body tone and it only works when you apply it.

  • The types of examinees we meet in an exam hall

    There is one sad but mighty word in the dictionary of our daily lives though all that it does is tear up the pages of that dictionary: Exams. Sadly, all of us have to face this catastrophe once or twice or a thousand times in our lives. So brace yourselves for the odd encounters with the following people:

  • A crash course on failing to learn programming

    I have always heard that coding is a difficult craft to master. Loops, strings and arrays are jargons I am rather familiar with on account of being friends with Computer Science students.

  • Jobs and positions that need to exist

    The professional life can be hectic and full of boredom unless your job requires you to do what you do best or at least enjoy yourself while doing it. Thus at times, you search for the job or position that was made for you. If you ever came across one of these job posts, would you hesitate to apply for the position?

  • The lengths we go to understand memes

    The meme culture is expanding as people are now exploring more possibilities in this field than ever before. The result of this is the birth of new memes almost every day.

  • DCDC8

    Deshi Character Design Challenge (DCDC) is a monthly competition from Cartoon People. The DCDC8 challenge was all about visualising the pirates of the Sundarbans.

  • A Panda-full possibility?

    Cute, cuddly, lazy and loved by millions around the globe. Pandas and their antics are very popular. Their very existence puts a smile on everyone's face and their playful nature demands the world's attention.

  • When Mom Isn't Home

    For a laid back youth whose contribution to the household could barely be more than a guest, I was really hit hard when my mom wasn't home for over a month.

  • Common university pet peeves

    University isn't really the bed of roses we all thought of back in our school days. It's a lot tougher and has more work load. As if things weren't difficult enough for university students, you have these annoying people and situations to deal with that is bound to get your gears grinding.

  • People you meet on a plane

    We meet people who make us uncomfortable and are borderline annoying on a daily basis. However, when we meet the same people 30,000 feet above sea level and in a closed vessel, every action of theirs somehow become either unbelievably entertaining or makes your eyes and ears bleed.

  • The beauty of football fouls

    Goals are a work of art. The blood, sweat and tears that go into them really give them a whole new beauty. However, in this World Cup, I had found beauty in something else: football fouls. You see, goals still maintain a linear procedure: shoot, score, cheer. But fouls? They're ever-changing. Goals may be art, but fouls are life.

  • Struggles you face at swimming lessons

    While swimming can get you ashore and save your life when that boat sinks, it does not come to you automatically. Many people get to learn swimming by floating with coconuts or whatever at their home village, or maybe by enrolling into a professional course at a certified swimming pool establishment. If it's the latter, here are some struggles you are likely to face (or have faced) after joining the classes.

  • A friend named Meme is a friend indeed!

    We are all lone walkers. Our roads commence and conclude the same way – all by ourselves. So why think of befriending a similarly emotionally overwhelmed creature just for the sake of feeding our need for support and empathy?

  • A perfectly normal talk show

    Good evening, dear viewers. Welcome to our weekly talk show “Ponchom Jatra”. As always, I am here with our guests for today's topic. Tonight we have Dr. Jamin Amran, Professor of Agriculture and Farming at Compass University; and Mr. Tormu Zalich, owner of the prominent horticulture company “Bestest Fruit Company (BFC)”.

  • If the World Cup superpowers Had superpowers

    France is looking dominant as ever as their young squad are ripping into the opposition. The French side look to find an opening to assert their complete dominance. And it looks like they had enough! France is looking to unleash their special manoeuvre that we've heard rumours off.

  • Choosing an alternative this World Cup

    The World Cup can be a tough time to deal with if your beloved team gets knocked out. First there is this thing of coping up with the loss. Then you have to act like Bruce Wayne from his early 20s and put up a hollowed smile on your face and move on with your life. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can take another shot at it and try rooting for another team.

  • What it's like not being a Potterhead

    To be honest, a decent portion of my life was spent trying to get familiar with the charm of the series without reading or watching the Harry Potter series. Though many reasons behind the failure are unknown, one of them, to me and many, is surely the fact that it is overhyped. Here's what life is like through the eyes of someone who is not a Potterhead.

  • The wows and woes of babysitting

    After you are assigned the responsibility of taking care of a baby, the good and bad sides of the task start to unroll. Like a rollercoaster ride, it has its highs and lows.