Namreen Shaiyaz

Being a tutor may not be for everyone

Even if someone is passionate about teaching, tutoring still might not be the best job for them.

4d ago

Are K-pop storylines overrated?

A storyline is a narrative that idols will have across a couple of years and a few comebacks at least.

6d ago

The problem with social media censorship

The implementation of censorship laws on social media leaves more questions than it answers.

2w ago

What made Flash games so good

Browser games still exist as well, but none of them have the love and care put into that Flash games had.

A ranking of all the days leading up to Valentine’s Day

The day for love already has a reputation for being capitalistic and preying on lovestruck couples, and it only gets worse with every iteration.

Influencers and the ethics of enhancement surgery

There are some valid concerns in the way the topic of enhancement surgery is discussed on popular social media platforms

4th gen girl groups are making waves in K-pop

Of all the groups that have debuted in the generation, there’s no doubt that girl groups are the ones who have consistently been reaching new levels of success.

Coming to terms with your burnout

Burnouts have become an unavoidable part of all of our lives. Whether it’s due to stress induced from academics, work, or even a beloved hobby, we’re all plagued by it no matter how hard we try to avoid it. But the biggest issue with burnouts isn’t just having it. A lot of people are stuck in the denial stage, as they refuse to accept that maybe they’re exhausted.

Should we expect celebrities to fix the world?

Just because someone is known by a lot of people doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re known by the right ones.

Not everything is meant to be a miniseries

A show that only focuses on the plot can be a nice change of pace as it can focus wholly on storytelling, but how well is this really working out?

Coming to terms with your burnout

Knowing you might be burned out is one thing, but accepting it is an entirely different concept.

The Lighthouse Keepers

Nayeem believed that night-time was the only time when the lighthouse was truly beautiful.

It’s just a phase and it’s great

Not all phases necessarily have to be life-changing events.

Group mates you end up with on a computer science project

For anyone majoring in CS or CSE, working on a group project is a rite of passage that they all have to go through.

Are people losing themselves in internet labels?

The problem that comes with these rigid labels is that not everyone can fit under just a single one.

Where are our Bangladeshi teen shows?

There is an obvious lack of content that caters to the youth.

Why are so many genres dying out?

Rom-coms, chick flicks and teen movies from the 1990’s and 2000’s are still considered to be some of the best ones made of those genres.

Debunking the myth of the bestsellers

Despite the exclusivity of the title, bookstores are flooded with "number one bestsellers".

The exploitative nature of biopics

Biopics are generally created to make money, not to tell a respectable story.

Redefining marketing strategies with booktok

Booktok is dictating how readers are exploring new titles. Is that a good thing?

How to stop being chronically online

If you use social media for countless hours, then chances are you’re chronically online.

Shock value is overrated

Can shock value be overdone in horror movies?

A look into dual-storytelling with 7 Fates: Chakho

The main plot revolves around seven beom hunters, who are modelled after the members of BTS.

A guide to befriending your sleep paralysis demon

What if rather than giving in to the demon, you decided to throw it a curveball by attempting to make it your friend instead?

Is this a rant, or are you trauma dumping?

The distinguishing factor between trauma dumping and regular venting is that the former involves a listener who may not have consented to it.

A guide to making the next viral video essay

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a video essay yourself?

Things we’d like to see from our local booktok

When compared to other countries, our local booktok is just not up to the mark. Here are some ways to improve that.

Have we become too desensitised to true crime?

A common interest among many, its popularity only grows every day. But have we ever stopped to think how morbid this is as an interest?

The unnecessary glorification of the tortured artist

At the end of the day, art that spreads joy is not lesser than the one sharing their hardships.

Are the Oscars a big deal anymore?

Controversy and an unwillingness to diversify are making the Oscars irrelevant.

Is Ramadan only about not eating?

Fasting in Ramadan is a spiritual act that teaches self-preservation.