Zabin Tazrin Nashita

Five books to help you delve into the world of Bangla literature

Sometimes we find it difficult to get past some of our renowned literary works.

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It was planned that Thanatos would remain on Earth for three years.

Including reproductive health in the NCTB curriculum is a step in the right direction

The discussion of reproductive health is still considered a taboo in our society.

The Way of the Househusband: A lighthearted watch to keep you warm this winter

Gokushufudou is made more entertaining by its charming side characters and myriads of cute animals

Why we love Michael Schur romances

Michael Schur is the producer, director, and writer of many amazing sitcoms of the 21st century.

Are today’s youths turning away from traditional news outlets?

The way we consume news has changed a lot since the olden times.

Exploring the world of fantasy shoujo manhwas

A weakness of this genre is that several manhwas end up being self-inserts

Can we bring back Rupkothar Golpo?

Why we the wonderful, mythical world of Rupkothar Rajjo should be rejuvenated.

July Belongs to Misery

"Are you happy?" June asks Lazmere.

Why everyone should learn sign language

Sign language shouldn’t just be limited to people whose impairments call for it.

How brands keep getting away with bad marketing

“All PR is good PR” – is not a motto anyone should champion

We are getting tired of superhero films dominating the big screens

There are rarely any films for people who appreciate the art of cinema other than the latest comic book adaptations.

NANA is a glamorous and unflinching exploration of life

NANA tells the interwoven tales of deeply flawed individuals.

Migraine and a toxic boyfriend. Are they the same?

Chronic migraine is not that different from being in a toxic relationship.

To keep, or not to keep, that is the question

A guide to clear the junk that you can't seem to toss out.

Homage to an uneventful Eid at home

Spending Eid this way can be quite relaxing.

My social anxiety is holding me back

Having social anxiety encompasses many experiences.

From lofty aspirations to bored indifference

Growing older, our vision of what we're going to be can change.