Moneesha R Kalamder

Moneesha R Kalamder is an economist and writer.

On a Thursday on Kazi Nazrul Avenue

On a Thursday, I went back home, and I took a walk./ On the sidewalk, I saw a splash of maroon on a grey block.

5 stages of grief as my Instagram gets suspended

With Instagram accounts getting suspended, panic set in globally.

The legacy of blood

Henry Kissinger is infamous in Bangladesh for allegedly terming the newly-independent country a “bottomless basket”, but this statement appears to be the least of his crimes against the people of Bangladesh.

Prelude to a national disintegration

After half a century from where we began, Daily Star Books will spend all of this year—the 50th year of Bangladesh—revisiting, celebrating, and analyzing some of the books that played pivotal roles in documenting the Liberation War of 1971 and the birth of this nation.

Speaking Deshi When in Bidesh

What happens when a native Bangla speaker goes abroad?

A concoction of medicine, history, and drama in ‘A Ballad of Remittent Fever’

Ginger, lemon juice, or a dash of honey added to a warm cup of tea. Some variation of this remedy to common cold is a familiar one in Bengali households.

Bibhutibhushan, an unlikely adventurer

For anyone sitting through heat-stricken afternoons on forever-long summer days, reprieve can come in the form of escape into a fictional world, and Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay is a master at offering it.

Studying Abroad: The myths debunked

Get ready to be surprised.

The fault with our 'Bandhobi'

I was not surprised when I learned Bandhobi, neither was I surprised by the reactions it incited. What surprised me was how quite a few people of note jumped to blindly defending her work. I am particularly stumped by an opinion published on the Daily Star by Arafat Kazi, titled “Defending my Bandhobi”. It’s important to remember that whatever the quality of work is, bullying or harassment of any type isn’t commendable.

Afternoon Tea

“The tea was really bad, eh?” the man from the cafe stepped up right next to Kazan, who was about to step on to the tracks. Startled, he stepped back on to the platform. He hadn't realised there was anyone else in the station.

Addressing the Elephant in My Garage

At three thirty pm on a Friday afternoon, my brother brought an elephant home. Father was taking his usual nap after returning from


Kashem stands outside his small, two-bedroom tin-shed house. The summer heat has warmed up the air, creating a vacuum.


The moment when you are not fully awake, not fully asleep either. Your eyes are closed. But you can see the half-moon shining.

TAREQUE MASUD - The Cinema Feriwala through My Telescope

To me, he was a man who loved my country like I did, who had the same concerns as any levelheaded and educated citizen...

Bangla Lyrics Perfect for Every Situation

I don't know indie bands, rock bands, hip hop artists and different sub-genres within metal. I don't know cool bands, hot artists, nothing.

When You Don't Approve of Your Parent's Profession

Your parents, uncles, aunts and every other family member will want to make sure you choose a profession approved by them.