Being a reader comes with its own sense of guilt. In my head there's a certain number of books you have to read per month to retain the status of a "reader", sort of like renewing your membership to some kind of cool club.

Sometimes, my telling people I'm a "bookworm" is followed by a quick explanation/apology. "I have so much going on right now so I'm not reading actively, but there's like a big pile on my desk." But simply having a big pile of books on one's desk doesn't make someone a bookworm.

But trying to give in and be swept away by a Regency romance isn't as easy when you can't focus on anything for more than five minutes, owing to constant anxiety over your workload.

Why is there so much guilt involved in a hobby that was such a major part of me growing up? An elitist attitude about books having to be read and not listened to through audiobooks, certainly doesn't help. But I'm coming around to accepting that if you want to have a lifelong passion, you must evolve in your approach and be accepting of the many forms it takes throughout your life. Perhaps two quick pages after each long day before bed it will have to be.






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