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  • The book that taught love

    For the longest time, I never told anyone about my favourite book.

  • Don't weight till it's too late

    It's a popular meme among millennials that we don't take care of our health. From sleeping late to skipping breakfasts and hoarding on lunch, and hours spent sitting with minimal physical activity, we should really be looking towards making our lives sustainable not just financially but physically as well.


    The storm that never ends, well, why did it ever have to begin?

  • Respect is a two-way street

    Small steps us men could take can make the world a safer place for women by a lot. No one's asking anyone to fundamentally change overnight. It's all about treating a

  • Yeah, sports. It's in the game.

    And I'm pretty sure you aren't. Cricket, and every other sport in Bangladesh, requires proper infrastructure – plans, support, and finally development – if we even want to have a seat at the table where the big boys talk.


    You have failed to keep up with your new year's resolution on the first week. You are dejected. The first week of classes makes it seem like there's no way you can do another 51 of these. 2019 has gone bad at the start and it will remain bad till the end. Or will it?

  • New Year, New Me

    Every January, we get to see people make promises to themselves as if the change of a year can change our endless cycle of procrastination.

  • Your Time Has Come

    Another issue, another year, another editorial. For the next few days everyone – if not randomly generated applications and bots – will be asking questions like “So, how did 2018 go for you?” and “So, how will 2019 be like?”


    It's fascinating that around the world, there are still people who deny climate change. For us, living in the largest delta in the world, threatened by Mother Nature with increasing frequency, it's not quite that simple to run away from this reality.

  • Job-hopping and you

    All across the corporate job market, most people look towards getting a cushy job at a multinational that will pay six figures. It's not a bad aspiration at all.

  • ALOO 4 ME, ALOO 4 U

    There is only one thing people really look forward to at a wedding. No, it is not the gate dhora ceremony where everyone thinks the groom is an ATM booth. It's also not the chance to take a selfie with the lovely pair 0.00001 seconds after you've downed your food with a sip of borhani.


    If you were given the option to get to know someone by randomly starting a conversation in person, or by first getting to know them a bit online and then meeting them in person at a pre-determined time at a well lit place, what would you be more comfortable with?

  • Speak up?

    Talking about one's own problems or what they are going through is always difficult. More and more barriers go up as we get older.

  • New phone, who dis?

    My phone screen has cracked and I've never felt such sadness, ever.


    Deadlines are something we all face on a day-to-day basis, and while being on top of deadlines and getting things done ahead of time is what should be the norm, something I've learned from my time assigning deadlines to a group of young writers is that a large percentage of people, if not most of them, just can't do it.

  • Let's talk, but where?

    Regarding mental health, there's always the talk about talking going around. However, no matter how many times people say that they are there to listen, it's not always that easy for the ones who are depressed.

  • Encouragement begins with U

    Some nights ago I was scrolling through Instagram, as I do, and stumbled upon the story of a friend. She had posted screenshots from her personal blog; a fiction that wasn't written well enough to garner praise, according to her.


    Ideas aren't that precious. We come up with a good idea every time we visit the washroom, but when you stop to think how many of these ideas we act on, the answer is often depressing.

  • The Real Heroes

    There's nothing new to say regarding the importance of teachers but a lot of us don't think much about what it's like to be one. Seeing my sister, who is a career teacher, I got to experience up close how the job is on a personal level.


    Whether it's an ongoing debate in your online community, or a dispute over a fare on a local bus, you don't need an acute sense of observation to be able to tell that the people tend to make every issue a divisive one.

  • Like hugs in cups

    Having opinions can turn out to be unsafe for people. I'm talking about choosing a side, actually. When the football world cup comes around, you're pretty much either Brazil or Argentina.

  • Professionalism

    More often than not, I see university freshers or those who are about to graduate worry over what they are going to do in the job market regarding their talents.


    Today we're going to learn how to make something really special. It's one of the most important things you're ever going to learn to make, if not the most important.


    Staring at the white screen of a blank page on MS Word is perhaps the most depressive activity as a writer. Like common cold, it has a bunch of possible remedies [that rarely work] while most decide to ride it out until things get better.


    I was on YouTube the other night, and as one does, I started watching videos on the potential impact of 5G networks on human lives, and hours later, found myself watching a documentary on wildlife in the Serengeti.

  • Believe the batabi lebu

    “This couldn't have been possible without our farmer's tools and the deep knowledge of our research wing. I am proud to announce today that we have generated the highest yield of batabi lebu in our country's history,” said Dr. Vageata Sanchez at the event.


    The curse of civilisation is that it leaves humans wanting more all the time. This need to live better than your ancestors comes in two forms.


    Since the favourite pastime of the youth is to dine outside and with the runaway cost of questionable food, maybe it's time we can take matters into our own hands. YouTube has the best cooking shows out there. Moreover, if you're really bad at cooking, they even have channels for people who are really bad at cooking.

  • Pardon My Dreams

    A big part of watching these world cup games, for me, is the part where the players line up to sing their national anthems. I'm just another spectator sitting thousands of miles away and the sheer occasion of another person representing their nation in the world's biggest stage, singing an anthem they've sung their whole lives, gives me the chills. Imagine what it's like for those players.


    Imagine being in a place in your life where you feel you're on the right track to realise that dream that you've had for years, and the struggle it took to get there is on the verge of feeling worthwhile, you only need to pass some additional hurdles and you'll be able to prove you belong there, until you can't.