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    I always found it amazing how Eid-ul-Azha has a way of bringing the entire family together no matter what. It would always be exciting

  • The Forbidden Truth

    I was raised mostly by women at my household. My two sisters and mother have been supporting me from my childhood to this day. However, regarding one issue, everyone in the house would always be aloof. I remember once asking one of my sisters what a period is


    The USA holds a special place in my heart. I have never been there, but like everyone else I know, I have family there. But that’s not it,


    I don’t usually care for cricket. My understanding of the game is limited to a surface level understanding of the rules and a Hasan Minhaj bit about the BCCI.


    The year after the FIFA World Cup and before the Olympics may not mean much to most of the world, but in this neck of the woods, it’s party time (or hold your breath and don’t move from the couch time, depending on how superstitious you are).


    Eid, religiously marked by unity, family, and togetherness, has for many, lost its true meaning and the sheen of the occasion has been replaced by crazy discounts and rampant consumerism.

  • We’d like to hear from you

    I’ve been with SHOUT from the very beginning as a contributor the past six years.


    Bubbles used to be fun things. It’s a fun word to say, blowing bubbles and chasing them around was one of the things almost everyone remembers doing in their childhood.

  • Metro Tales

    Public transportation happens to be one of those things I’m somewhat of a ‘nerd’ about the way some people love learning about the various flavours of coffee or loan interest repayment schemes.

  • write for Shout

    Kids these days...

    It’s fun to scroll through your newsfeed and see thirty-somethings and forty-somethings blame your generation for most societal problems.


    Eating is a biological process for a lot of people, but for a fair few, eating brings around moments of spiritual elevation.


    Animation is a medium that is often considered childish and is overlooked compared to live action.


    I remember doing an internship at a radio company.

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    Expectation is taking its toll

    We often lead ourselves to dangerous precipices by letting our expectations get the better of us.

  • They'll probably do a better job than you

    When I took the decision to major in the arts, many people asked me, “Why bother?” They wanted to know how I would put food on the table and warned me of the job insecurity. And often times, some enlightened individual would tell me, “Arts are for girls.”

  • Soft skills? What's that?

    I think we have all seen upsets in sports where a star-studded team shows up to only be defeated by a ragtag bunch of minnows.


    I have a slight stutter. It comes and goes. It's worse if I'm talking to new people, or if I really know what I'm talking about and get overexcited.

  • The book that taught love

    For the longest time, I never told anyone about my favourite book.

  • Don't weight till it's too late

    It's a popular meme among millennials that we don't take care of our health. From sleeping late to skipping breakfasts and hoarding on lunch, and hours spent sitting with minimal physical activity, we should really be looking towards making our lives sustainable not just financially but physically as well.


    The storm that never ends, well, why did it ever have to begin?

  • Respect is a two-way street

    Small steps us men could take can make the world a safer place for women by a lot. No one's asking anyone to fundamentally change overnight. It's all about treating a

  • Yeah, sports. It's in the game.

    And I'm pretty sure you aren't. Cricket, and every other sport in Bangladesh, requires proper infrastructure – plans, support, and finally development – if we even want to have a seat at the table where the big boys talk.


    You have failed to keep up with your new year's resolution on the first week. You are dejected. The first week of classes makes it seem like there's no way you can do another 51 of these. 2019 has gone bad at the start and it will remain bad till the end. Or will it?

  • New Year, New Me

    Every January, we get to see people make promises to themselves as if the change of a year can change our endless cycle of procrastination.

  • Your Time Has Come

    Another issue, another year, another editorial. For the next few days everyone – if not randomly generated applications and bots – will be asking questions like “So, how did 2018 go for you?” and “So, how will 2019 be like?”


    It's fascinating that around the world, there are still people who deny climate change. For us, living in the largest delta in the world, threatened by Mother Nature with increasing frequency, it's not quite that simple to run away from this reality.

  • Job-hopping and you

    All across the corporate job market, most people look towards getting a cushy job at a multinational that will pay six figures. It's not a bad aspiration at all.

  • ALOO 4 ME, ALOO 4 U

    There is only one thing people really look forward to at a wedding. No, it is not the gate dhora ceremony where everyone thinks the groom is an ATM booth. It's also not the chance to take a selfie with the lovely pair 0.00001 seconds after you've downed your food with a sip of borhani.


    If you were given the option to get to know someone by randomly starting a conversation in person, or by first getting to know them a bit online and then meeting them in person at a pre-determined time at a well lit place, what would you be more comfortable with?

  • Speak up?

    Talking about one's own problems or what they are going through is always difficult. More and more barriers go up as we get older.