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  • Believe the batabi lebu

    “This couldn't have been possible without our farmer's tools and the deep knowledge of our research wing. I am proud to announce today that we have generated the highest yield of batabi lebu in our country's history,” said Dr. Vageata Sanchez at the event.


    The curse of civilisation is that it leaves humans wanting more all the time. This need to live better than your ancestors comes in two forms.


    Since the favourite pastime of the youth is to dine outside and with the runaway cost of questionable food, maybe it's time we can take matters into our own hands. YouTube has the best cooking shows out there. Moreover, if you're really bad at cooking, they even have channels for people who are really bad at cooking.

  • Pardon My Dreams

    A big part of watching these world cup games, for me, is the part where the players line up to sing their national anthems. I'm just another spectator sitting thousands of miles away and the sheer occasion of another person representing their nation in the world's biggest stage, singing an anthem they've sung their whole lives, gives me the chills. Imagine what it's like for those players.


    Imagine being in a place in your life where you feel you're on the right track to realise that dream that you've had for years, and the struggle it took to get there is on the verge of feeling worthwhile, you only need to pass some additional hurdles and you'll be able to prove you belong there, until you can't.

  • I really 1-2 see this happen

    It's amazing how we love football. It's great that like elections, every four year the country [and the world in a broader view] splits up to support two major teams whilst supporters of minnows casually co-exist in the environment. But what if there were no big teams to support?

  • The Beautiful Game

    The best part of the FIFA World Cup is that regardless of people's general interest in football, everyone shows up for the WC, especially in Bangladesh. Even though football barely gets any priority in the

  • Editorial

    One of the most common phrases you hear around this time of the year, especially if you're a person teetering on the edge of teenage and adulthood, is “Eid is no longer like it used to be.” Well, of course it isn't.

  • Shoot for the Stars

    It's pretty much accepted at this point that humanity's future lies in the stars. What concerns us now is how and when we will get there. If you haven't already, check out The Expanse, the show brilliantly expands


    What the world witnessed last Sunday was spectacular. This year's Champions League final was a match that injected a rush of emotions for every set of fans out there. For neutrals, it had everything from unmatchable quality of play to the worst levels of incompetence fathomable. I have never laughed at a football match like I did at this one.