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    Before I begin, when I say memes in this context, I mean them as image macros. So now that we all more or less know that memes are here to stay for good, it's time to ask ourselves how we should classify these

  • Celebrating change

    Change is a thing that splinters opinions. Some want it, some don't. Some want it now, while some are willing to wait for it. Some people want to bring about change themselves, and some sit there complaining that it's taking too long. And this is where the great divide is. Change happens because someone out there is actively working to make it happen, and like with everything else in this world, change is never handed out simply because someone

  • Talent vs persistence: Who wins?

    Talent is usually perceived as an inherent skill that allows the person possessing it to do something without trying as hard as someone who does not have that particular talent.


    Most industries in Bangladesh finally got the memo and are now digitising heavily. More importantly, the global push towards digitisation has led to many disruptions all across. This has led organisations to seriously demand “out of the box,” “agile” and “dynamic” ideas from their young talent. Unfortunately, our education system pretty much revolves around stamping out any sort of creativity whatsoever.


    I love travelling and books; what I love more is travelling with books. I have never been on a trip, domestic or international, where a book wasn't in my backpack. And every time I step into a bookstore, my eyes search for any hint of a book that's about Bangladesh or authored by my compatriot. More often than not, I am disappointed.


    Being young is tricky business. It's great because you have time on your side, and the freedom to choose your path, something people with years behind them are constantly keen to remind us of.

  • History, Politics, Drama

    Themistocles was a non-aristocratic politician in ancient Athens. In the run up to the second Persian (present day Iran) invasion, he became the most prominent politician in Greece. In 483 BC, he convinced the

  • Farewell

    Change is an integral aspect of life. I find myself in a situation where I have to embrace it. I joined SHOUT as a contributing writer in October 2014 with no idea about how I got there.


    Youth is the favourite target group of marketers nowadays thanks to the startup boom and over a half of the population being in that TG. Big brands have realised this, and are pushing into the digital sphere to reach out to the youth. Recently, I saw a post from one of the leading youth brands on Facebook that spent quite a few words describing what “SWAG” means. Unfortunately, 2012 called and wants its “word of

  • Hang in there

    I know it's disheartening to see your friends getting jobs while you are still receiving “Thank you for applying…” emails. I know it's a huge blow to your confidence when you can't really say that you have life figured out. I know it's difficult to bear with the uncertainty every day. But it's okay.