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  • Mrittika Anan Rahman

    Mrittika Anan Rahman is a daydreamer trying hard not to run into things while walking. Find her at


    On our newsfeeds, it is far too common to see inspirational quotes plastered on a picture of a famous entrepreneur being passed off as a motivational post.
  • A Winter Wonderland

    “Gather around, folks. We hope you’re enjoying your day at our amusement park. I know you’re all excited for your turn inside our newest attraction.
  • Viral Holud Planners

    Welcome to Viral Holud Planners! We have only one job: to make sure your “apply body turmeric ceremony” goes viral. Invest in us to make your holud be the first of its kind Dhaka has seen. Check out some of our packages below.

    Host: Good evening, and welcome to another edition of TAILORS OF DOOM!
  • A new wave of theatre in Dhaka

    One weeknight this past September, I pushed through traffic to the other end of the city for a cultural experience. An Agatha Christie play was being staged in my city – an event I couldn’t miss.