Paturia-Daulatdia ferries carrying returning holidaymakers on 'humanitarian grounds'

Photo: Star

Ferries on Paturia-Daulatdia routes are transporting returning holidaymakers, who went to their village homes before Eid, and all vehicles except buses on the second day of the 14-day "strict lockdown".

While visiting Paturia ferry terminal around 9:00am today, our Manikganj correspondent found that vehicles coming to the ghat were being allowed to board the ferry. But buses were not being allowed.

Md Zillur Rahman, deputy managing director of BIWTC Aricha regional office, said ferries have been kept ready for transporting vehicles providing emergency services, patients and dead bodies.

Photo: Star

Taking the advantage, some passengers and light vehicles are boarding the ferries and they are being transported on humanitarian grounds.

The fresh lockdown was put in effect at 6:00am yesterday, banning operations of trains, domestic flights, river traffic, and personal vehicles. There was no restriction on freight services.


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