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  • Story of a Rajpath

    It is I, a “rajpath” as they say. I had to suffer the same fate as Ahalya who was cursed into becoming the unfeeling being that she was.

  • The Other Side of the Divide: A Journey into the Heart of Pakistan

    The Other Side of the Divide by Sameer Arshad Khatlani journeys through the precarious landscape of people who live on both sides of the divide — the divide caused by the line drawn by Radcliffe in 1947 to split the subcontinent into Pakistan and India. The angst, the wounds linger on through even pandemics like COVID 19.

  • The Poet of Hope and Faith

    Let me begin my speech in this birthday webinar organized by the High Commission of India in Dhaka to commemorate Rabindranath Tagore’s 159th birthday by referring to his last public address, Sabhyater Sankat or Crisis in Civilization.

  • Rabindranath Tagore and Jatragan

    Rabindranath Tagore’s (1861-1941) childhood and adolescent memories of stage performance involve both Jatra and theatre.

  • Friends Forever in a Happening Place!

    There were six of us, bosom buddies who had studied together in the same school and college, friends for years—“good” boys. And there were the same number of them, if not more, from the same Dhaka school and college—“nice” girls.

  • Reflections

    In 1980 while I was pursuing PhD in the U.S.A. I stumbled into the world of philosophy. Beyond my engineering studies, I devoted myself to my new-found passion. Since that time, I have been maintaining a diary. The following episodes are based on selected journal entries.

  • Viral Miseries

    I always knew that life is unpredictable. But between February and April this year, I started to discover what it truly means to live an unpredictable life.

  • The love birds of Pabna

    If only I had stopped her from drinking!

  • A death robbed of its solemnity

    Ha, there you go, this is how you suffer:

  • A Man with A Cane

    The man walks Bending on his cane, picking