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  • Sahela

    It was Ramadan. It was hot. Even though I was sitting inside an air...

  • Leftover Loyalties
    Leftover Loyalties

    Our weapons were taken away the day the General discovered the note...

  • Prey

    There was a deafening noise! As soon as the bullets were fired from...

  • Two Poems of Al Mahmud
    Two Poems of Al Mahmud

    The saga of courage is gradually coming to an end. O poet, once


    What's the point in counting years, While the intensities are...

  • A Grey Torment
    A Grey Torment

    After a long day of work, Selim was returning home, tired and...

  • A Dead Tongue

    My tongue is standing by the road

  • Fierce, Friendly Fire

    Usually, newspaper pages are dedicated to venerable people who have passed away or won an award. The occasion for today's issue is neither.

  • From Fantasia with Love

    Before I begin fan-girling over my Fairy Godfather, to quench the curious bibliophiles (like yours truly), the book I had been carrying around that day was Cornelia Funke's The Griffin's Feather!

  • A Daughter of India vs. a Son of England

    “Would not the immolation of a daughter of India and a son of England awaken India to its continued state of subjugation and England to the iniquities of its proceedings?” - Bina Das (1932).

  • The Other Half

    The inkwell is trembling

  • The Other Half

    The inkwell is trembling, There is the smooth rise and fall of memories, The hesitant fingers wrap the quill, The words come alive on paper, Is the scheme of life completeness of whole?

  • Aches and Auras

    Shaji woke up with a pounding headache. The pain started in her sleep, so she thought she was only dreaming it. In her dream, she

  • The Death of a Reader

    It was a long time ago.

  • Our Story

    Here, we stand in silence;

  • Days of Our Likes

    Lightning strikes, Thunder roars