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  • The Tree
    The Tree

    Doctor Mahtab Uddin looked at the luminescent hands of his watch: 9...

  • Hossain’s Mother
    Hossain’s Mother

    We reached the crematorium on the riverside that takes a...

  • Infraction

    The police flagged down our driver, ...

  • The Story of Stories

    Once an inquisitive reader asked me, “Could you please tell me where do the fiction-writers get so many stories from?”

  • Minefields of Memory

    Ceaseless the struggle to comprehend how Such cataclysmic upheavals, such seismic seizures Altering the landscape of lives, the very topography of trauma

  • Shada Beralera: Nitu and the spectre of a landscape

    Rashida Sultana’s first novel entitled Shada Beralera (White Cats) comes in a slim package of 80 pages and is coloured by a passive discontent.

  • Sourav’s Song

    No need to wonder what you are: Bengal’s brightest, closest star in the night sky - though on the Earth none noticed your auspicious birth.

  • Man is the Measure

    Serve your human guru first With your heart and soul If you feel like fulfilling Your yearnings in this world.

  • The Cosmic Lover

    O Allah, into your endless plays Who could delve— You call out to Allah Being Allah yourself.

  • Fakir Lalon Shah: Subjects, Sites, and Signs

    Fakir Lalon Shah—who orally composed thousands of songs in Bengali —died on October 17, 1890—on Kartik 01, 1297 (the Bengali year).

  • Translation, Culture and Politics

    A discussion of Translation and its theories often remains circumscribed to a discourse arguing about the issues of authenticity.

  • Kissed by the dusk: Eugene O’Neill

    On the 132nd birth anniversary of Eugene O’Neill, the Shakespeare of American Theater, the question is: did he ever die?

  • On Vocabulary in Writing

    Back in the mid-90s when I was majoring in English literature at a public university in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I was a cricket buff. For the Bangladeshis, cricket was a transnational love affair in the 90s.