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  • Separation: A Soliloquy

    Doesn’t anyone get that my soul cringes for a call?

  • Late Night Love Note to Self

    Things are dark and bleak?

  • Two Poems

    Psychedelic noises – a cacophony so harmonious

  • RUN

    The ruby red kite fluttered above head, contrasted against the aquamarine sky, and it all was picture perfect for a split second, so perfect that it was a spoiler to the fact that something horrible was about to follow, like it did almost always.

  • What Makes Good Writing Good?

    To answer this question, let me hazard an analogy -- good writing is much like good food. Good writing tickles our senses the way good food does.

  • A Great Departure

    They carried the dead body from the front yard inside the house and slowly laid him down on the floor.

  • Arun Kumar Biswas: The Creator of the Detective Alokesh Roy

    Just imagine, a detective character like Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Satyajit Ray’s Prodosh C. Mitra alias Feluda appears in the Bangladesh literary arena.

  • Keats and the Elgin Marbles—Message from Parthenon

    The classic collection of marble sculptures from Parthenon at the British Museum, commonly known as the Elgin Marbles, has been a vexed source of doubt, appreciation, enthusiasm, disapproval, and envy ever since they were brought to England during 1802-1812.

  • Malta: Room to Roam

    Different scenario unfolds at every turn of a corner. Grand in a domestic dimension is the historic house museum - the Palazzo Falson - apparently the second oldest building still standing in the walled city of Mdina.

  • Where’s Home?

    A city made out of dust