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  • The Story of the 21st

    We could have never imagined that we would get Topu back. And yet he has returned and is amidst us. It is mind-boggling – the person whom we had seen for the last time at the High Court intersection,

  • The Song of the Mountains

    It’s late June and it’s hot. It’s nine in the morning and it’s hot. It’s so hot in Dhaka that after a while feelings turn somewhat numbed, vision blurred. And taking advantage of the overcrowded vehicle, when a guy pinches Shila Chakma’s buttock after a futile attempt to grope her breast, she wants to scream: Stop it, you pervert.

  • Two poems of Federico García Lorca

    If I die, leave the balcony open.

  • Life’s Invisible Battles

    This is a story without a beginning or an end. The story does not even relate to events that one can see. And yet, in some sense, there is a beginning and there is an end.

  • A Serenade of Love

    In a soggy London street he stood, shaking his dreadlocks like wind-struck branches of a willow and moving his weathered bow on the shiny strings of his broken violin.

  • NAH!

    I am sure it was sometime in 1965 that a classmate at St. Gregory’s, Muhammad Ali Rumee, piqued my curiosity by describing a new movement in letters launched by some friends of his elder brother.

  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

  • Street Music

    Saturday morning: on the brick plaza at the corner of Fourth and Catheri

  • Editor’s Note

    It’s that time of the year again, when we offer an array of literary items -- short fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

  • The Story of Kusum’s Family

    When the twelve-year old Kusum was returning home, she stole a glance at the setting sun for one last time. It was dipping over the heads of tallest coconut trees lined along the furthest edge of horizon. She let out a sigh — for some indefinable reason she wanted to