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  • On Writer’s Block
    On Writer’s Block

    Fairly recently, I was working with two of my colleagues here in...

  • Different Worlds
    Different Worlds

    The cloud saw the girl sitting in her balcony and reading. Peace...

  • The Patriot
    The Patriot

    Macaws swooped around the jaguar as it climbed the tree, trying to...

  • Editor’s Note

    Jibanananda Das is probably one of the most read and yet the most neglected poets of Bengal. There is indeed a dearth of critical reading of his work, too.

  • To a Pained One

    Now late at night you have a bed

  • The Mona Lisa of Bengali Poetry

    The process of reading is consummated in rereading. It is sure to deepen and broaden our understanding of the work and its author, and quite possibly of ourselves as well.

  • Jibanananda and Barishal

    What is Barishal known by? One hundred years back, the unfailing answer was “rice and river.” Half a century ago, the answer might have been a political name- Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Huq.

  • Is Writing a Gift?

    If it is, where is this gift coming from? God? Ahem! As off-putting as it might sound, biographies and autobiographies of writers reveal that most so-called gifted writers are scoundrels.

  • Things I Thought I Thought Tonight

    They have given me a grilled piece of chicken and a naan with the face of moon on a plate. The grilled chicken leg is brown with sides turned to dark coal. Grains of burnt spices glaze the piece.

  • A translation of Syed Manzoorul Islam’s short story, “Kathpoka”: Woodworms (Part II)

    “I’m doing what I feel like doing. What’s that to you?” Aslam retorted. He opened the door and said, “Like mother, like daughter. Get lost.”

  • A Requiem for Amazonia

    Amazon burns Each flame licks a life

  • Knocks

    Would a few doors remain closed?

  • Woodworms (Part 1)

    It’s been three nights that Aslam hasn’t been able to sleep. He has been trying so hard to fall asleep on the divan for three nights – the divan that he fancifully got carpentered and laid out in the study room of his gigantic apartment in Bashundhara, for the specific purpose of lying down to read and eventually doze off.