for the love of food

for the love of food

Food tales

I got in the dog house with some of my friends for saying Shubho is not the appropriate salutation for Mahalaya since it is a sombre and solemn occasion. So, I’ll steer clear of all arguments and say this instead.

InstaKC 2

Here is another gem from my in-law’s family — succulent jute greens or ‘paat shaak.’ Very seasonal. Cooked with little prawns in shell and enough garlic to have Dracula skip this city for some time to come.

In search of comfort food / Indian all along

From the north to the south, India has many diverse cuisines to offer. From the north, a Kashmiri meat dish and from the south, a rice porridge that is offered to the gods. The Kashmiri yakhni is usually served for special occasions; it is simple yet allows the unique blend of spices, making it a crowd pleaser.


The very famous and iconic Mughlai paratha. This particular one was made with duck egg, as opposed to chicken egg. The cubed potatoes on the side were an added attraction in my salad days. The Mughlai paratha in Dhaka is a crispier version.

for the love of food / Eating well within limitations

When the tasked with writing this, I mentally balked. After all, I have not done a long piece in a while. But then I thought, maybe this is a journey worth telling.

secret alleys / Kallu is king!

Stray away from the confines of a fancy menu, eye pleasing décor and cosy environment. Only then you will be able to savour the spiciest kababs from Kallu Kabab Ghar.


Ladies and gentlemen, on your left are cubes of a type of mango whose season is as short as my attention span. This is Haribhanga.

for the love of food / Calcutta – the possibly untold story

I was reading an article by Fiona Caulfield that got published in The Guardian.

Café Sienna

Tucked on a quiet lane, near bustling Gariahat, is Café Sienna.

Mostakim – a tale of broken dreams

In my first stint in Dhaka, I had the good fortune of visiting Mostakim in Mohammadpur.

Aroyee – truly delicious

I have been very lucky lately. I have been invited to two brilliant efforts, which are at two ends of the cuisine spectrum.

Tingama – pure love

My friend Piplu, who is a filmmaker of great repute, had a dream.

Not just another lunch

Possibly my last lunch at O Kitchen/Holey Artisan Bakery.

Ahdoos the other Srinagar

Removed from the touristy scenic beauty.

Karim's - such a let down

My favourite place to go is around Jama Masjid, in the lane where there is the original Karim. But I seldom go to Karim's, which is known to be a veritable institution.

Down the memory lane

My grandfather was a lawyer. Not the glamorous world of criminal law for him.

Fusion cuisine

Dhaka, as a buzzing metropolis of an emerging economy is now a confluence of cultures, with numerous eateries, boutiques, and shops, offering a slice of global trends. A growing urgency is also felt for presenting a piece of Bangladesh to the people who now frequent this city and also to the Bangladeshi audience who are ever keen to rediscovering their heritage.

Ammini –a treasure trove

Tucked away in a residential area, just off one of the busiest streets of Kolkata is a small eatery, Ammini. It specialises in non-vegetarian South Indian food.