Loving And Living With Plants

Loving And Living With Plants

Boshonto eshe gechey…

Have you noticed that the celebration has already started with the changing colour of the morning sky, the sweet breeze from the south, and the smell of 'amro-mukul', the

Letter from a reader

Allow me to thank you for the wonderful articles on plants and everything related to gardening.

Loving and Living with Plants / Siyara – the new age planter

It has been over one year since the day Siyara came to my office and expressed her desire to visit a nursery – home of the plants! She wanted to touch the seeds and soils and see by herself how the life of a plant begins.

Loving and Living with Plants / Know Dr Tree — our very own shojne!

Today, while I was plucking some shojne daata/pods from our roof top garden, I just felt like sharing the thrill with my readers. I know many of you are fans of this yummy vegetable that has been valued by our ancestors for its health benefits and also for its place as a summer specialty. In the exhausting hot summer days, many of us find respite with this vegetable as it is soothing, light and cool enough to lure us to the dining table.

Loving and Living with Plants / Being alive with plants…some moments of joy

It has been about five months since I have been away from many things special to my life– from my plants, my books and songs. My regular life was halted for a while due to a family health crisis, from which I, along with my family members, have gradually recovered. I returned from the self-exile soon after receiving some beautiful bulbs of Tulips from my daughter, brought from the Shiphol Airport of Amsterdam. We know southern Europe is the home of

Loving and Living with Plants / Get winter veggies from your own garden!

The monsoon is prolonged this year. It is mid September – officially autumm, but the floating clouds seem inclined to stay a few more days at least.

Loving and Living with Plants / Foes of mosquitoes

These days, a notorious fever –chikungunya– has become the talk of the town and many of us are pointing at the plants we raise in our homes. Container based plants are considered as one of the main culprits that 'host' mosquitoes in our surroundings.

Loving and Living with Plants / Our Brikha Mela - Calling

It will instantaneously uplift your mood, and make you look forward to the fair till next year.

Small space greenery

While you browse, their eyes follow you, and sometimes you feel like talking to them too. Is it not beautiful and refreshing!

Our mother – who taught us love for nature!

People all over the world celebrated Mother's Day on 14 May. Although I believe that every day belongs to the mother who gave us birth and brought a new life to this world! She is always special to the mother earth and to all of us.

Dreaming Vincent's dream

On 30 March, the world celebrated artist Vincent Van Gogh's 164th birthday. To honour his memory, I decided it was best to begin with a short letter for him and to him directly, reminiscent of the song his artwork inspired, one whispering of starry, starry nights.

Rooftop Gardening: Days of Babylon to our Current Life

The concept of 'hanging gardens' fascinated me from the second grade.

Fading greens in the concrete jungle

A city is meant to sustain life in every form. The concrete and the dust just do not seem to add up with the bustle of the people.

Orchids find a new home

The famed orchid is not an indigenous bloom and came to this land from one of our neighbouring countries. Like gracious hosts, nature lovers of the country welcomed orchids with open arms.

Budapest Park – a pride of Toronto city!

This is one of the favourite places, and a source of pride for Toronto city dwellers. As it combines history and nature together, the Budapest Park is termed as a 'city within a park.'


It has been a long time since I last wrote my column. I was preoccupied during the entire hiatus but happy to have received some

Allan Garden Conservatory

Toronto city of Canada itself could be termed as a vast park. It has more than 1,500 parks with numerous open spaces and 600 km of trails.

Teresa – tale of an orchid lover

For over a period of three the sixth-floor balcony of a neighbourhood building attracted me so much that overtime I became its observer.