Boshonto eshe gechey…

Have you noticed that the celebration has already started with the changing colour of the morning sky, the sweet breeze from the south, and the smell of 'amro-mukul', the

Letter from a reader

Allow me to thank you for the wonderful articles on plants and everything related to gardening.

Loving and Living with Plants / Our Brikha Mela - Calling

It will instantaneously uplift your mood, and make you look forward to the fair till next year.

Loving and Living with Plants / Allan Garden Conservatory

Toronto city of Canada itself could be termed as a vast park. It has more than 1,500 parks with numerous open spaces and 600 km of trails.

Loving and Living with Plants / Teresa – tale of an orchid lover

For over a period of three the sixth-floor balcony of a neighbourhood building attracted me so much that overtime I became its observer.

Loving and Living with Plants / Understanding the rose

In response to the request of one of my readers, named Zep, today I am going to share my experience of dealing with the rose.

Apartment gardening

We often make statement like, 'I live in apartment so I have very little scope of gardening."

To my readers….

I would like to grow Dhone(coriander) pata and Pudina (mint) pata in small pots.


I have had dental problems since 1969! In over a four decade period, I have had the experience of meeting and visiting dental clinics of all kinds and nature.

Introduce your child to Green life and TLC

The lives of young parents is not easy these days.

Spring is here

The other day while returning home from an exhaustive day of work, I was perplexed by the song of the wind and dancing trees waiting for me outside the four walls.