Fly smarter: Hacks to improve your travels

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Travelling on a flight can be a bit of a headache, but it certainly does not have to be. A quick read through the hacks below, can bring a total game changer to your next flying experience making your travel less tiring and more enjoyable.

Beating jet lag

A simple yet effective hack that can have a positive impact on your flying experience is to set your watch to the local time. Jet lag occurs when a person's sleeping patterns are disturbed, which in turn leads them to feel irritable, drowsy, tired, lethargic, and disoriented as well.

Setting your watch to the local time can 'trick' your body into making adjustments to switch between different time zones at a faster rate. The key is to set your watch—not your phone—to the local time at least a day or two before your expected departure. This helps your brain adapt to the new time zone you will be living in by recalibrating your sleep-wake cycle.

Avoid dehydration

Airplane cabins tend to have very low humidity levels. The air at very high altitudes is almost completely devoid of moisture. This in turn leads to your throat, skin, and nose feeling dry due to dehydration. One way to combat dehydration is to include a travel-sized bottle of lotion and lip balm in your carry-on. Contact lenses can be switched for glasses as well, because the air can get too dry to comfortably wear lenses. In addition, you can also consider carrying a nasal spray to clear out all the dust, pollen, and dirt to get rid of an irritable dry nose.

Layering should be the dress code

A way to bring a few extra items along with you to your travel destination is to wear layers on the flight. Wearing a variety of layers on the plane is a nifty way to be prepared for anything. No matter what the temperature will be on your flight, dressing in layers gives you the option to get warmer or cooler depending on the situation. Plus, a jacket that is not needed for warmth can always be used as extra lumbar support for your own preferred posture on the plane.

Some exercise before the long flight

It's quite important to stay active during the long, tedious hours of flying. The air pressure is lower at higher altitudes. This means our body takes in less oxygen, making us feel tired, drained and even short of breath. To keep things in balance, sort out a period of time to go on a walk before your flight. One way to stay fit and active is to try and get a few laps around the airport before you leave to board your flight. You can also opt to stretch your legs, get up every once in a while, and wear compression socks to encourage blood circulation.


Sparing a few moments to clean up your seating area might just be more of a crucial measure of safety and hygiene than you might think. The cleaning crew has a very limited amount of time to clean between boarding and de-boarding, so it's natural for a few spots to be missed when doing so. You can opt to carry sanitizing wipes to wipe down tables, the armrests of your seat, buttons, screens, trays, the window shades, and whatever else you may come into contact with. This keeps both your mind at ease and your hygiene in check.


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