Why should you moisturise your hands and feet?

Why should you moisturise your hands and feet?
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

During winter, dry skin is quite common. Oftentimes, we take extra care to moisturise our face to prevent flaky skin, acne, and breakouts. Most of us would not even think of washing our face without using moisturiser afterward, and moisturiser has become a mandatory part of our skincare routine. So why should we not do the same for our hands and feet?

It is not just our face that dries out but also our hands and feet. The dry air and cold tend to dry out our hands and feet more so than usual. So, it is just as important to moisturise these areas with care, especially during winter. Otherwise, one might have extremely dry skin and chapped skin, cracked heels, and even experience bleeding which would make moving about painful.

Our hands can be easily damaged by prolonged exposure to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. The skin on our hands is thin and delicate, and one of the earliest locations to show signs of ageing. The skin is further damaged when it comes in contact with water which naturally dries out the skin, so washing hands too frequently might be more harmful than helpful.

These conditions can result in dry, cracked, and uncomfortable hands. Our hands need to feel good and be protected because they are always exposed and we use them all the time. This can be ensured by using a daily moisturiser that quickly absorbs into the skin (during both summer and winter).

Our hands are exposed to the environment for just as long as our faces are, and if we do not take care of them, they will not be able to fight off the effects of ageing. With adequate moisturising, skin suppleness can be enhanced while pigmentation, dryness, and early wrinkles can be reduced. To provide long-lasting hydration, restore the skin's moisture barrier, and soften and soothe even the roughest, driest skin, a high-quality, ultra-hydrating moisturiser is essential.

The soles of our feet bear the weight of our bodies. The irritation from shoe chafing, cracked heels, and dryness can cause infections and be damaging to skin integrity. So, hydration is crucial for our feet as well.

While one can moisturise their hands throughout the day, it is recommended that the feet be moisturised at night. Moisturising in the morning might cause the chance of more infections as wearing socks with the combination of sweating, might be suitable for microbes and germs to settle in.

Using a suitable petroleum jelly or hydration lotion is bound to give our skin the moisture it craves. If it does not get it, its natural protective barriers and pH levels may become out of balance. When the skin's protective barrier is disrupted, one might experience dryness, redness, and a mild amount of irritation. Having a self-care routine that includes proper care for the hands and feet is necessary for overall health. Moisturising daily and being consistent with it is vital to ensuring skin integrity and health.