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  • Cold wave rolls in, hits poor hard

    A mild cold wave is sweeping over several districts of the country causing sufferings to the poor and the elderly. The Met office said temperatures could drop even further this evening.

  • Fogy Weather

    Winter likely to start settling in from tonight

    Winter is likely to settle in from tonight as the Met office forecasts mercury to come down, maybe below 8 degrees Celsius in some parts, as January progresses. Tonight, the minimum temperature in Dhaka might come down to 13 degrees Celsius - the lowest in last seven days.

  • Top tips to stay healthy this fall

    Top tips to stay healthy this fall

    Heading into fall also signals the start of flu season, as the temperature drops and we spend more time wrapped up indoors. To help protect yourself from any bugs being passed around at work or picked up at school, follow these simple tips for a healthier season for all the family.

  • Jessore's signature date juice gets scarce

    As the Bangla saying goes, “Khejurer rosh, Jessorer josh,” roughly meaning, “Wild date palm syrup is the pride of Jessore.”

  • Welcome spring

    Spring is knocking on our door. You can feel it in the air: the dryness gone from the atmosphere and the biting cold superseded by a calming wind that loosens you up from icy inertia.

  • Nature Quest: Courtship pageant in Tangua

    Tangua haor is a mini ocean during monsoon. But in winter much of the water is gone and the haor turns into a maze of interconnected wetlands called beels. Once away from the muddy shores overgrown with reeds, one can see through the clear beel water a magnificent green carpet of plants at the bottom. This garden, hidden underneath the water, is visited by thousands of ducks during the winter months every year.

  • Temperature may rise from today

    Biting cold and intense fog are taking a heavy toll on people living in the northern region, especially those living in charlands.

  • Gas crisis hits city

    Tahmina Afaz is a schoolteacher and lives at Ulan in the capital's West Rampura. She doesn't start for work until 7:30am, but since winter began, she has been waking up long before sunrise. "If I get up any later than 5:00am, I cannot finish cooking for my family before I go to work. The gas supply falls after sunrise, so much so that sometimes I cannot even turn the stove on," she says.

  • Lights were out during pile-ups

    All 153 sodium lights on Bangabandhu Bridge were turned off during the 16-vehicle pile-ups on the bridge in the early morning fog of January 9 that left six people dead. To the astonishment of many, Bangladesh Bridge Authority, which looks after the country's longest bridge, had usually been using only half of the lights on the bridge to “save electricity”, even in dense fog.

  • Paturia-Daulatdia ferry services halted for 3hrs

    Ferry services on the Paturia-Daulatdia route in the Padma River halted for three hours due to dense fog.

  • Which petroleum jelly is good for healthy skin?

    A humid climate like Bangladesh’s can stress the skin and the scorching sunlight helps dry it out and damage it further. However, petroleum jelly can be useful in preventing this.

  • Temperature may dive to 8

    Meteorologists anticipate that the temperature across the country might dive to below eight degree centigrade within next two or three days.

  • Cities choke on air pollution

    The quality of air in the capital is extremely unhealthy. The presence of pollutant particles in its air even on a normal day is more than six times the healthy limit. If this sounds scary, then you should know that the air in its neighbouring cities Gazipur and Narayanganj is even worse, according to the Department of Environment (DoE).

  • Dried up Teesta hits livelihood

    “We used to have bumper crops here,” says farmer Mahir Uddin of Char Kalmati village in Lalmonirhat. “The Teesta River used to flow year-round but nowadays there's not enough water in winter for optimal agriculture.”

  • Dry skin remedies

    Here are some remedies that will help repair your skin if you are currently going through a dry skin phase. Falling into the habit of following them on a regular basis will prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

  • Away with the chapped lips

    In winter strong winds and cold, dry air make your lips dry out and tighten, which eventually leads to cracked and sore lips. To avoid this, there are a few simple steps that you can take.

  • What makes your skin dry?

    Dry skin is a distress for many of us. It causes itchiness, discomfort, flakiness and even redness at times. Learn the reasons behind dry skin and ways to prevent it to avoid such an experience.

  • 10 things I hate about winter

    Winter makes every cup of tea worth holding on the cusp of both hands; where every taste is heightened and every sensation is glorified. But this adored season is not without it's flaws. Winter, you are not so perfect after all, are you?

  • Pitha galore this winter

    Bangladeshi winters mean weddings, steaming plates of biriyani drenched in ghee with soft potatoes, cozy sweaters gathering dust and smell of naphthalene balls in your cupboard, badminton games in your neighbourhood, warm warm blankets, monkey caps and of course the pièce de résistance of winter—Pithas.

  • [WATCH NOW] Old granny proves you are never too old for winter sports

    A 101 year old lady, who has lived through 100 winters, is still young at heart when it comes to snow.

  • HC asks govt to continue sufficient gas supply to Dhaka households

    The High Court today directed the government to continue sufficient supply of gas to the households in Dhaka.