Original piri-piri flavoured Galito’s now in Bangladesh

Original piri-piri flavoured Galito’s now in Bangladesh
Photo: Collected

A popular Piri-Piri chicken brand broke a few hearts in its wake when it chose to exit the country a few years ago but for those who were feeling its absence a little too strongly, fret not, for brands come and go, but Piri-Piri is here to stay! The newest Piri-Piri joint in town, Galito's has the hot, pulsating African flavours at the heart of its recipes. A cursory glance at the menu confirmed a well-balanced list of salads, flame grilled birds with sides, livers and so much more — complete with a separate kids' menu and an assortment of dessert and drink options.

Salad: The Master Salad

Out of the many plates of salad on offer, the master salad was a burst of flavours. The colourful bowl came full of leafy greens, beetroot, corn, tomato, peppers and feta cheese, well-drizzled in lemony tang. With no additional sauces or dressings to overpower the natural taste of the veggies, the salad was exactly what it should be- simple and refreshing.

Mains: The Chicken and Prawn Combotada, Quarter Grilled Chicken with Chilli Bean

The Chicken and Prawn Combotada was an exciting dish consisting of two large skewers of succulent pieces of boneless chicken and plump, juicy prawns. It came accompanied by a side of spicy rice and thick cut piri fries. The chicken was well grilled and the smokiness was felt in every bite. The prawns too were done just right and went well with the array of piri sauces provided at each table. The rice was not as spicy as one would expect but the potatoes had the right crunch and softness, and did well to even out the spice level. Both sides complemented the protein well. The portions are mammoth, but if they keep up the taste, you may not want to be too generous!

The quarter chicken meal was a tender piece of well-marinated, juicy grilled chicken, generously doused with the bold, tangy piri piri flavours and came accompanied with a bowl of chilli bean. The menu boasts quarter, half and full birds with an assortment of different sides, so one can order depending on how hungry they are. Not a drop of oil goes into the preparation of these birds, making the meal as healthy as delicious.

Drinks and Dessert: Laranja, Tropical Shushie and Blueberry Cheesecake

The Laranja, with hints of orange and strawberry was a refreshing drink, albeit one on the sweeter side. The tropical slushie, with added flavours of mango, was a definite hit at the table because real or concentrated, the Bengali heart loves its aam. Overshadowing everything else was the blueberry cheesecake which instantly catapulted us into the highest of culinary heavens. With a buttery, cookie bottom, smooth cheese in-between and a blueberry compote on top, the blueberry cheesecake ticked all the right boxes, from flavours to mouthfeel. The balanced sweetness and the slightly bitter aftertaste from the compote did everything a good dessert should do — tie up the meal nicely and cleanse the palate.