Best fast-food spots in Mumbai

Go on a tantalizing journey through the Mumbai’s culinary delights, serving up delicious treats that will leave you craving more.
Best fast-food spots in Mumbai
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The vibrant city of Mumbai is where culture thrives amidst a bustling metropolis! From its stunning architecture to its rich traditions, Mumbai is a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern energy.

Mumbai also has tons of restaurants and eateries almost everywhere. The fast-food/junk food options that Mumbai has to offer are plenty and, may I say, absolutely delicious. Although, you'll be busy trying out Maharashtran food while in the city, these are some of the must-try fast food items to add to your journey!

Brownies from Theobroma Patisserie

When I say these are the BEST, MOST PERFECT BROWNIES EVER, I mean it. Theobroma is famous in not just Mumbai, but all across the cities in India for its delectable brownies. The brownies have the most perfect texture, sitting right in that sweet spot between cakey and fudgy, with a crispy crust on top. The chocolatey flavour has a premium feel to it. Some favourites were the cookie brownie, which had a layer of cookie dough on top, and the overload brownie, filled with chocolate chunks. These heavenly brownies get a solid 100/100 and it is a must-try.

Pan Pasand Ice Cream from Apsara Ice Creams

If you love stuffing your mouth with mishti paan right after having kacchi at a wedding, then this ice cream is for you! It's a beautiful, creamy ice cream mimicking the flavours of mishti paan. The ice cream is delicious, not overly sweet and even if you are not a paan lover, I highly recommend you taste it.

Tub cakes from Elementaria Bakery Café

These square-shaped cakes come with a very chocolatey, liquid centre that oozes out as soon as you take out a bite of the cake to eat it. A little different from your regular lava cakes, but delicious, decadent, and heavenly! They also come in a few different variations. The cakes are soft, airy, and intense with the flavour of chocolate.

Taco Bell

Mexican food but a little Americanised, and with some Indian twist as well. The 7-layer burrito, with 7 different fillings like chicken, veggies, cheese, rice, beans and sauces is a party in your mouth! It is spicy, tangy, and saucy, with all kinds of textures and absolute savoury heaven! And how could you forget the choco-dilla, a dessert quesadilla with bittersweet chocolate filled between tortillas? It is quite innovative and tasty!

Non-Veg Supreme Pizza with cheese burst crust from Dominos Pizza

The cheese burst crust does justice to its name, it does burst with cheese. The crust is filled with cheese in its' entirety, with cheese oozing out in every bite. The crust is pillowy soft, and the chicken pieces are perfectly cooked and seasoned. It is a beautiful pizza with a topping overload of veggies, onions, and black olives. It is the most expensive pizza on the menu and for good reason!

Some other restaurants that are worth mentioning are Mad Over Donuts, for some delicious doughnuts. They have a wonderful selection of chocolate doughnuts. The Belgian Waffle Co is the most popular place to get waffles in the city and for good reason. The waffles are not too crispy, not too soft, just perfect. The flavourings are top-notch and the fillings are on point, making them delicious and delightful.