Letters to the Editor | Page 3 | The Daily Star
  • Highways remain unsafe

    Despite the demands, there has been little positive changes seen in terms of improving road safety. The highways, in particular, pose grave dangers because of three-wheelers and unsafe locally made vehicles.

  • DU authorities' double standards

    On August 9, the Dhaka University authorities temporarily suspended a 4th-year student from the finance department, asking him to

  • Remove unfit vehicles before Eid

    A recent media report described how bus owners were having their rickety buses repainted in order to give them a new look before Eid. Since a large number of people would go home during the holidays, bus owners clearly want to cash in on this. The two factors combined are extremely concerning.

  • Stop smoking in public places

    Although right now it seems like a losing battle, we must continue the campaign to stop smoking in public places and transportation.

  • Fixing the city's woes

    It is not at all surprising that Dhaka has been ranked among the world's worst cities to live in, second only to war-torn Damascus.

  • CU needs more transport facilities

    Chittagong University hosts as many as 25,000 students but does not provide them with adequate accommodation or transportation facilities. Most students live outside the campus and they can only depend on the shuttle train that carries students from Chittagong town to the universities.

  • Smoking in public places

    Everyone is well aware of the fact that smoking is harmful to one's health. Scientists say that smoking is responsible for many diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and bronchitis.

  • Streamlining CNG service

    Along with buses, it is now time to streamline the city's CNG service as well. The authorities have declared that all CNGs plying the roads must have functional pay-metres installed in them.

  • Issuing bus tickets should be made mandatory

    Most bus services in the capital do not issue tickets to passengers. This practice needs to be stopped immediately.

  • Plastic bags endanger the environment

    The mass production of plastics started nearly 70 years ago. Over the next two decades, the volume of the production increased twice.