Robert Mugabe’s Legacy / Revolution, Amity, and Decline

His role from the 1990s—Mugabe, the West’s all-too-convenient bogeyman and hobgoblin—tended to outweigh other considerations.

Remembrance / “Bangla te bolun”

She was a quiet person who spoke slowly but assuredly. In my childhood whenever I visited old Dhaka to see this Nanu (sister of my own grandmother), she mostly sat on a huge palonko (old style bed) and ate paan.

Remembrance / The Jagannath College Concentration Camp

It must have been either the 22nd or 23rd (of January 1972). I went with Suraiya to Jagannath College. Classes had not begun yet. She was just going to have a look around. She taught philosophy there.

First encounter / Bangabandhu and the birth of our nation

Incarcerated in the camps in (West) Pakistan after the surrender of General Niazi and the capture of over 90,000 Pakistani soldiers, the Bengali Armed Forces Officers and their families counted the days and months as they eagerly awaited repatriation to their newly liberated motherland.

Remembrance / Celebrating Eid without loved ones

While Eid is a time of joy and happiness, it is also one of immeasurable sadness for those of us who recall happy occasions with family members who are no longer in our midst.


It was a Thursday. Madhushudan Dey, owner of the famous Dhaka University Modhur Canteen, went off on his business around noon.


In a country where talent, passion and greatness are often overlooked and ignored, Director Badrul Anam Saud says that, “It was Humayun Faridee's greatest misfortune that he was born in Bangladesh. It was Bangladesh's greatest fortune that Humayun Faridee was born on this land.”

Remembering the Frontliner

December 25 will be the 1st death anniversary of Dr. Syed Yusuf Hasan who died on this day in Dhaka at the age of 90 years.

A glimpse into Zahir Raihan's Films

Zahir Raihan, having done some noteworthy works in Benglali literature and film died an untimely death before he had a chance to explore his full potential.

Our Uncle, Our Soldier

Our uncle, Abdul Halim Chowdhury, breathed his last on October 27. He was lovingly known as Pappu to his close family.

Dear Liesel

When you hear about the legendary film, “The Sound of Music” what is the one thing that comes to your mind? For most of us, it is Chariman Carr, as the eldest von Trapp daughter, performing the song “I am Sixteen going on Seventeen,” a playful duet with her boyfriend Rolf who sings back that he is“seventeen going on eighteen.”

Shahid Qadri

This week, we have lost one of our finest -- a person whose poems started a new revolution in terms of urban poetry.

The Mother of Thousand Eighty Four

On July 28, 2016, we lost a mother – a mother who taught us to dream, who coached us to speak for the rights of others and

Goodbye Nurjahan, and Thank You

Nurjahan Begum- the name can be considered synonymous to words like empowerment, valour, courage, kindness and more. The first female editor of the region, who was the editor of the first magazine for women in the region, passed away at the age of 91, on Monday morning.

Madan Shahu and His Magnificient Ways

It was the requiem of Madan Shahu, with all its magnificence. His body lay splendid in the wooden byre while the office colleagues of 25 years had gathered there.

A Soul Irreplaceable

Chirag Roy – a conservation biologist, a comrade, a lover of nature, a friend to wildlife; a husband, a son, a brother to many...

Remembering ‘Mithu Bhai’

On March 7, 2016, around mid-afternoon, the news of a strange case reached The Daily Star. Within an hour, televisions and social

A Poet's Saga

He was considered one of the key figures of modern Bengali literature. His writings on humanism, human relations and romanticised rebellion of the youth have touched millions of hearts.