Burger Ban / Cops arrest 11 more burglars

The crackdown against burger joints around the city reached new heights after a chain of burger-peddlers, known as burglars, was

#RealTalk / Let's all Politik

In a damning indictment of the faith in current politicians, the most random of people in a random country—and not here or anywhere close to here—have decided to seek party tickets.

#RealTalk / Let's Football

Football fever has reached its peak all over the world over due to the ongoing FIFA World Cup. However, Bangladesh's foray into the global sport was met with deafening criticism, owing to widespread allegations of corruption in the augural Independent Cup of Digital Democracy (ICDD).

Bank of the bold

Bangladesh International Vote Banking brings you the opportunity to avail dead people votes, double votes, interest-based group votes, and much more, all designed in ways to suit you.

#RealTalk / ­­New names, new solutions

Kamrul Hussain, a small trader in Cumilla, sits sprawled across a sofa in his comfortable two-room apartment in the city. He is gloating. “I cannot wait for us to become a developing country. I might actually be able to buy this place if that happens,” he says.

#RealTalk / Confessions of a Fanush Addict

I used to fly fanushes when I was growing up. It began innocently enough. Me. My friends. We would sneak up to the rooftop in the dead of the night and slowly light one up.

#RealTalk / First Robot to become a Bangladeshi citizen

The provocatively dressed robot, who was recently granted Bangladeshi citizenship, has just gone missing. Law enforcers are at a loss as to where she (?) has gone. The newly formed Ministry to Control Possibly Female Robots (MCPFR) released a statement saying the Robot must return or she (?) will be hunted down and found.

#RealTalk / Animal Farm in the making

Animals in and around the country have been raising allegations of discrimination, squarely levelling the blame on the government and its actor for propagating a harmful and hateful narrative.

VIP area declared semi-autonomous

Rafique Ahmed sits relishing his 300 taka coffee. An employee at a top MNC, Rafique is one of thousands of citizens affected by the latest law that resulted in the federalisation of the VIP areas of the country.

A light dimmed, a friend buried

Today we break the mould of satire and really talk because it seems we need to.

Gazette for all photographers

An extraordinarily boring general meeting of ALL Facebook Photographers was uselessly convened and held at Your Typical Sketchy Restaurant and Hotel on 07-10-2017 to discuss the issue of Facebook Photographers taking bad pictures and giving terrible captions.

Police grant 3 day head-start to fugitives

In a surprising move, the Bangladeshi Police have decided to grant newly minted fugitives a three day head start in any attempt aimed at evading the cops.

Journalists declare week-long break

While the global media is traumatised by an impending nuclear war and a lunatic running the most powerful country in the planet, the journalists of Bangladesh have declared a week-long holiday in what can only be called a shocking turn of events.