Sanjoy Chakraborty’s journey with red

Laal Kono Rong Noy (‘Red is Not a Colour’), curated by Mustafa Zaman, is displaying the works of artist Sanjoy Chakraborty from July 12 to 25 at Dwip Gallery, Lalmatia. Sanjoy Chakraborty studied History of Art at Rabindra Bharati University, India and has

Development, but at what cost?

In a solo exhibition “Disappearing Roots”, Samsul Alam Helal explores the impact of gentrification in the Rangamati hill tracts.

Inking The Psyche On Paper

"As I start drawing, and begin contemplating on what to draw, my art takes shape. When I sit with a pen and a blank canvas, I slowly start to see images and it guides my pen, eventually giving birth to a piece of art.

Art / Articulating Life as It Unfolds

One of the pioneers of modern art in undivided Bengal, "Shilpacharya" Zainul Abedin (1914-1976) represents the mid-century "realist" trajectory that began to unfold in many modes and sequences—first in Calcutta...

Iconoclastic figurality in Shahabuddin Ahmed

Alpha male striving to take on the future by breaking free of the bounds of the existential matrix—this is how a Shahabuddin addict might try and unhinge oneself from the "rote understanding" of his scampering, hurtling males for which he has made a name, at home and abroad.

Art / The Milkshake Collective

The Milkshake Collective is a group of 22 local artists, specialising art forms starting from pop to modern and graphic. Each