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    Reaz Ahmad

  • Poverty Map of Bangladesh

    Rich become richer, poor get poorer

    The poor's share in the national income eroded further in the past six years, with the richer segment of the population having bigger stakes.
  • Poverty Level Chart of Bangladesh

    Poverty reduction rate slows down

    Bangladesh's rate of poverty reduction has slowed down in recent years.
  • Rising from dire straits

    Bangladesh has not had a food year so bad since 2008. That was a year now well marked in history books as the year of global economic meltdown, the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930s.
  • wheat

    Comes wonder wheat

    It's a double delight for wheat growers in Bangladesh.
  • New rice yields high hopes

    Release of a new rice variety brings in high hopes as scientists expect it to break the long stagnation in the production growth of the staple.