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  • Upstarts in the EV race

    Ever wanted a mobile living room equipped only with Sony products? Well, they just made one.
  • Three fun online-shooter alternatives to share with your friends

    As fun as it is to blow people up with you friends in one of the many available Arena or Hero shooters, it is a repetitive process and over time, gets a little bit boring. Fortunately for Steam users, there are a number of multiplayer games where the primary goal is not to kill everything violently.
  • Classics cars with an EV twist

    One thing all car enthusiasts can agree on is that classic cars look like nothing else currently on the road.

    A common weight loss myth is that people can lose weight by simply exercising the most fat-filled parts of their body, namely belly, thighs and hips.
  • Simulation games to stimulate your brain

    For those curious about the nightmarish logistics of maintaining a transport company, this game will deliver. In-game, you start around 1850 as a rail service and as time progresses, you can start to expand roadway, maintain water supplies and air quality, while building up your huge network of trucks, trains, boats and planes to become the biggest transport tycoon of the 21st century.