Hyundai celebrate its past with this one-off EV Concept

Hyundai has shown off a few amazing concept cars in the past few years, but their newest one comes with a bit of twist. Instead of showing the future, their new one-off concept is an ode to their past, as it is based on the company's first production car, a 1970's Pony hatchback.

Designers have stripped the car to its bare frame and swapped its original gasoline engine for an electric drivetrain. LED head and tail lamps have been added, and the fender rearview mirrors have been switched for integrated cameras for better visibility.    

The changes are even radical on the inside, as the original interior has been completely stripped out for a cyberpunk design complete with a nixie-tube instrument cluster.

Sadly, as much as many of us want Hyundai to put this beauty into production, it's most likely will remain a one-off homage to the Korean marque's past. The car is currently on display at Hyundai Motor studio at Busan, with the exhibition being titled "Reflections in Motion."


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