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Rabeya Ferdous is a Clinical Occupational Therapist. Email: [email protected]

Disability Day and Occupational Therapy

Every year, 3rd December is observed as the International Day of Person with Disability. It was firstly stared in 1992. From that day it is celebrate all over the world. This year’s theme is “Not all Disabilities are Visible.” Some disabilities like mental health conditions, chronic pain and fatigue are invisible.

Opportunity + Choice = Justice

Every year on October 27, World Occupational Therapy Day is observed. This year the theme was “Opportunity + Choice = Justice”. As occupational therapists, we believe individuals have rights to get engaged in meaningful occupations that contribute positively to their own well-being.

Role of occupational therapists in diseased conditions

October 27 is observed as the World Occupational Therapy Day. On this day, occupational therapists promote their profession throughout the world. The programme of the day varies from culture to culture. This year the central theme of Occupational Therapy Day is “Belong. Be you.”

The role of occupational therapy managing disabilities

December 3 is the international day of persons with disabilities. Every year this day is observed nationally and internationally.

World Occupational Therapy Day 2020: Reimagine doing

Each year, 27 October is celebrated nationally and internationally as the World Occupational Therapy Day. The theme of this year is, “Reimagine Doing”.

Rehabilitation of dementia by occupational therapy

Mrs. X is a 62 years old dementia patient. She is suffering from this for two years. Her problem has increased in this pandemic.

Remain independent in the activities of daily living

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is very important for every person in their personal lives. There are three types of ADLs we do in our daily routine like i) self care, ii) productivity; and iii) leisure.

Occupational therapy for scarf injury

Scarf is a part of the traditional dress of women in Bangladesh. Women wear it in different styles. But it can cause harm, sometimes

April 5, 2015
April 5, 2015

Occupational therapy to manage Autism

Most of the people are not aware about autism. Autistic children are increasing day by day. Parents are very anxious about their children and also proper treatment.