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  • Nuren Iftekhar

  • Dawn and Diatribe

    The paper I slept on clung to the corner of my mouth. My mouth felt bitter, as if the protagonist in my story had just been betrayed by the love of his life.
  • Why lungi needs to make a comeback

    What defines 'perfect' apparel? Is it the comfort it brings? Or perhaps it is the aesthetic it brings to your everyday look? Or maybe it's the protection it can give you to survive a nuclear winter?
  • It's 2019

    If you have been walking around the wondrous streets of Dhaka this year only to bump into a careless deviant with a phone in his hand and his mind somewhere else, then I'm afraid that individual might have been me. Before you launch into a barrage of scathing criticism, I want you to hear my story.
  • Dead Man's Tale

    The soldiers stood with their heads hung low and weapons sheathed, the colours of their uniform clashing just like they did not so long ago. The same people who were trying to pry open each other's throats stood shoulder to shoulder under the common denominator of grief and shock.
  • Escape Route

    It was about 3 am when Rima realised, in a half-dazed state that the train she was on was never going to stop. It was the sort of epiphany that was bound to make someone alarmed but she realised with mild amazement that it wasn't the case.