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  • Mirza Shakil

  • ‘Risk-free’ medical service from safety chamber

    A specially designed ‘safety chamber’ in Tangail’s Kalihati Upazila Health Complex, set up for ensuring protection from coronavirus infection during treatment of general patients at the outdoor, has received appreciation from all concerned.
  • From parlour to plantation

    Only three months ago, Thanchi Mri would spend her days giving women beauty treatments in air-conditioned rooms of a parlour in Dhaka.
  • Boro harvest in Tangail limping amid labourer shortage

    Boro farmers in Tangail are in a dire situation as they are running against time to save the ripe paddy on fields that remain submerged following frequent rain and storm over the past week.
  • Bananas rotting in orchards

    Until the coronavirus crisis hit the country, banana grower Shamsul Alam was confident about making a profit of Tk 20 lakh to Tk 70 lakh from his banana plantation in Tangail’s Madhupur upazila.
  • Covid-19 Fallout: Over 1 lakh Tangail sari weavers need urgent aid

    Over 1 lakh handloom and power loom workers, the ones that weave the famous Tangail saris, are in dire need of help after they went out of work since their factories were shuttered nearly a month ago amid the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.