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  • M Jahirul Islam Jewel

  • Dhalchar exposed to the elements

    The hapless people of the remote island of Dhalchar union, 35 kilometres from Kossopia on the mainland, have found an innovative way of facing cyclones -- they go deep into the mangrove forest and hold trees to hang on for saving life.
  • Students touch up Payra with paint

    When students of their age usually spend their weekend playing games or hanging out with friends or family, twelve students in Barguna town made it their mission to use their spare time to bring colour in people’s lives.
  • Bhola Mayhem: No headway in probe

    One month into the attacks on law enforcers, houses of Hindus and a temple in Bhola’s Borhanuddin upazila, police are yet to identify the masterminds behind those or the “hackers” who broke into the Facebook page of Biplob Chandra Baidya.
  • Cyclone Bulbul leaves 10 families in Bhola with no breadwinners

    Jewel and his two siblings were waiting for his fisherman father who promised to return home with new dresses, but they only received their father’s body yesterday morning.
  • Torturing Video Viral in Bhola

    Forgotten torture comes to light

    The video starts with one Hasan beating an elderly man -- whose hands and legs are tied and who is visibily unconscious -- with a wooden stick. Shouts can be heard off camera, which then pans to the victim’s around 12-year-old daughter, who tries to come to her father’s aid. “Younger women than you have been raped,” Hasan says to her. At this, she backs away.