A bright future beckons for Bangladeshi students

Cambridge Assessment International Education and British Council are two very prominent names working towards providing high quality education to Bangladeshi students. Over the years, they have been offering much more than just examination services.

Space Stories with Dr. Tess Caswell

What if you had the opportunity to listen to stories of space exploration directly from an aerospace engineer and simulated astronaut from NASA? What if you could ask her your most pressing questions about space, ranging from the silliest to the most complex ones? On June 30, 2018, about 150 students from different universities and colleges in Dhaka were given the chance to do just that at the “Space Stories” session held at the Independent University Bangladesh.

When a Hermit Goes Eid Shopping

Being a hermit for the most part of your life, you have always preferred your little cramped bat-cave over proper dose of vitamin D. But let's be real, you still step out of your safe haven once in a while for the purpose of being human. One fine, scorching day during Ramadan, an idea strikes you, which soon turns out to be a terrible one. And for once in your life, you feel brave enough to go for it.

Live stream your creativity with Twitch

If you are into video games, then you are probably familiar with Twitch. But if you haven't heard of it before, Twitch is a live streaming platform which started out with live video game streaming but has now branched out to a multitude of different categories. So if you are tired of scouring the internet for some unique content, the Creative section of Twitch is for you.

Trials and Tribulations of Vlogging for the First Time

Imagine this: your marketing lecturer assigns you a project where you have to make daily vlogs. While everyone else in class is whining and making all sorts of obnoxious noises, you are practically beaming with joy.

Thoughts of a Hilsha

You know they're coming for you. By now, they've taken most of your siblings. Last time, you managed to slip out somehow. It was pure luck, really. But the big day is getting closer and they are desperate. They need to round up as many of you as they can.

Hide and Seek

I was playing with my friends when some boys from the other side of the village came and started hitting us with bamboo sticks. They were hurling swear words and telling us repeatedly that we needed to get hell out of here.

A melancholic, yet soothing read

Through her poetry anthology 'Elegiac Songs', Eeshita Azad does a wonderful job at describing the several stages of love, loss, joy and grief. The elegies reflect the contemporary style of her writing. The emotions conveyed in her poems are raw and presented without any sugar-coating. The book starts with a brilliant opening piece that grips the readers from the get-go.


Caricature boys

A book outside the ordinary

Haunting yet heart-warming with a hint of dark humour – it is a tale of two young boys and their father dealing with the loss of their mother. Needless to say, it is about grief in all its ugliness and melancholic beauty.

Volunteers act first

Volunteers – crisis managers and life savers at the time of need. Nothing short of superheroes, one might add. Their most defining quality is that they act first. And to acknowledge their courageous and selfless contributions, every year on December 5, the United Nations observes the International Volunteer Day.


High up at the edge of a building, there stood a raindrop. He was ten feet above the earthy surface, landing upon which would inevitably cause his demise.

Struggles of being a Bangladeshi nerdfighter

On their channel, the Vlogbrothers talk about anything and everything, starting from world politics to science, to rants about everyday lives. Their videos can be informative, inspiring, silly, and downright hilarious.

On a mission to make the best, better

4-H is America's largest youth development organisation – empowering nearly six million young people across the USA with the skills to lead for a lifetime.

kola and ruti

it began with an itch at the back of my neck

Podcasts for literary nerds

As students, we would be expected to spend most of the time of our day at educational institutions. Instead, we end up spending excruciatingly long hours on the road.

Everybody Needs a Rick

Given the ubiquitous memes and short clips all over the internet, you must have come across one of the best motivational speakers of our time. No Ron Dumsany can even come close to the eighty year old mad scientist named Rick Sanchez from Adult Swim's animated

Why you need BookTube in your life

Are you completely, irrevocably, head over heels in love with books? Do you gush over every nook and cranny of a beautiful book? Do you find yourself talking about your favourite books for hours on end until your friends either slowly walk away or suggest that you get help? Do not despair; you are most definitely not the only one.

Let Repto be your teacher

How incredible would it be if you could acquire essential skills for graphic designing, social media marketing, programming, and even learn academic subjects like English without having to make arduous journeys to and from coaching centres or seminars? Wouldn't it be even more amazing if you could gain all these skills at your own pace and in your native language?

Botanicula: An Unforgettable Journey

As a child, I was never that much into video games. Instead, I found my solace in books. Besides, I used to think videogames were just another form of mindless entertainment.

Types Of People In Bookstores

You would think one might run out of ideas for “types of people” article but as soon as you let that thought cross your mind, another article pops up like Hydra's head.

Jigsaw Piece

I am a jigsaw piece.

All aboard the Steampunk Train

Ever heard of steampunk bands? Me neither, until very recently. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that is set in a historical period, usually featuring steam powered machines.

Time is of the Essence

Manchester just called, Says there was an attack, I console her

Barakamon: One for the Creative Folks

Heart-warming, relaxing, and hilarious - is how I would define this anime.

The Tale

Treated with scorn

The Disappearing Bookstore Culture in Dhaka

A bookstore is a cultural hub. It is a melting pot of old, new, foreign, and local books.

Every War Ever

Thunderstorms of airstrikes

Spotless Mind

A young spotless mind

A book worth reading thrice: The Little Prince

I came across this gem of a book by a complete chance of fate. I bought it as a present for my little sister's birthday. She was desperate to have me read it as soon as she was done. Given my penchant for children's books and the beautiful drawings both on the cover and inside, I dove right in.

Life Planning Center

A tilt to the left,


There are some fans who will jump at the chance of watching any spin-off or remake of their favourite shows, and there are those that are rather sceptical about it. I'm on the latter side.


Far away in the East, in a wooden shack, the Old-Eye sat with a crystal ball clutched in her frail hands. The crowd held its breath as she made plain the fate of the world.


Growing up, we come across certain people who inspire us, or simply, change the way we think. This week, we asked boys and young men to talk about females (real or fictional), who have left a mark in their lives.