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  • The problems and potentials of Stadia

    Google has finally revealed more information for the upcoming Stadia platform. Although it won’t be available for purchase in Bangladesh when it launches worldwide in November 2019; the new round of pricing and connection speed information gives us an idea on whether or not Stadia will be worth it when it does launch.
  • Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

    Apple’s week of great highs and an expensive low

    Apple brought their A game out to San Jose, California for this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. WWDC 2019 for short, Apple’s yearly developer conference usually comes with a new iOS reveal and some new product reveals and this year was no different.

    Expectations from E3 2019

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the grand gaming event of the year. This year’s event will not have Sony, who have often provided the conference and gaming world with the most jaw dropping reveals.
  • Next-gen tech or more of the same?

    It’s rumoured that Apple may reintroduce Touch ID with the iPhone 11.
  • Unforeseen casualties of the tech and trade war

    The US-China trade war has seen the imposition of tariffs from both countries, leaving the tech industry in a state of volatility. It has made it harder for American companies to keep its costs stable and it has added a significant amount of pressure for Chinese manufacturers. All of this has left tech companies stranded in a war of attrition, with no real sign of either country giving in.