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  • Is 4K worth it?

    If you're in the market for a TV today, chances are that you have glanced over to the section with the 4K TVs. Even if you could afford
  • Best monitor for gaming in Bangladesh

    Best monitors to buy without breaking the bank

    This budget monitor comes with freesync technology which ensures smooth gameplay by fixing choppiness and image tearing.
  • The little things that matter in the office

    Amidst all the professional communication seminars and team building meetings, we sometimes forget about the little things that make the work environment nicer, and our lives a little easier. Here's a refresher on a couple of them.
  • The much awaited revamp is finally here

    Apple leaves it till late 2018 to finally unveil some of their best products for the year. As an excited Tim Cook walked on stage, Apple made it
  • What to expect from Apple's upcoming event

    Apple are not done with new product announcements for this year as they gear up for the iPad Pro and Mac event scheduled for the 30th of October, 2018. The event's tagline “There's more in the making” and the colourfully designed Apple logo variants hint towards signs of what's to come.