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  • The rise of subsidiary financial services

    Apple Card was announced last week as a Wallet app integration for the iPhone. It follows a long list of standalone financial service s provided by big tech conglomerate with Apple Card following the footsteps of Apple’s very own Apple Pay which was launched back in 2014.
  • Concerns over Google's Stadia

    When it was announced that one would need a 25 Megabit connection to achieve lag-free 4K 60Fps gaming with the Stadia, the rest of the world (including Bangladesh) breathe a sigh of sadness.
  • IoT on the rise in local market

    IoT or Internet of Things is the application of the internet and software technology in more traditional sects of our lives, such as, door locks, security cameras, LED lights, etc.
  • The evolution of the internet

    The birth of the internet as we know it

    When you think about the internet, the first thing you'll draw a parallel with the World Wide Web or “WWW”.
  • A look at HeavyGari

    The platform currently comes with the full Booking option and it offers vehicles for moving goods and materials.