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  • Socratic

    Socratic is a free-to-use app which can answer your questions at the click of a button.
  • What went wrong for the Xbox One?

    The short answer to the title – the initial online only reveal at E3 2013, a lack of system sellers and the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One irrevocably lost this generation and, unlike the PlayStation 3 from the previous generation, ended up playing all the wrong cards. Both consoles had botched releases, insane price tags and no games to show for at launch but then how did the PS3 still recover? To understand the fate of Microsoft and the Xbox brand, the more appropriate question to ask is, how did the Xbox 360 win?
  • The only football app you'll ever need

    With the World Cup right around the corner, Sofa Score is a must have for staying up to date with all the games. You can set matches as favorites so the app can notify you about matches from beforehand.
  • Song Writing Made Easy

    A chord is one of the first things any beginner has to learn and this is a good tool for understanding how songs are written. Irrespective of your experience with song writing, Chords Progression Reference is sure to pique your curiosity.
  • 5 Unique Games for Android

    Mobile gaming often comes under fire for being repetitive cash grabs. With so many Clash of (insert buzzword) floating around the Play Store, it's hard to not think that gaming on Android is just a saturated mess. But I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of games, even more so because of the fact that they are available for free and on mobile.