• Rupa murder: NHRC for capital punishment to culprits

    National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) urges the authorities concerned to ensure the capital punishment to the culprits, who raped and murdered Rupa Khatun on a moving bus in Tangail on August 25.

  • Nation pays homage to Bangabandhu

    People from all walks of life are observing the National Mourning Day with due respect and solemnity, marking the 41st anniversary of assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

  • Dalim goes on air

    The night still shadowed the whole nature with its deep black curtain. It was around 4:30am. Four people at the radio office in Dhaka's Shahbagh just fell into exhausted slumber following a late night programme that ended at 2:00am.

  • Shame darker than the night

    It was around 3:00am of August 15, 1975. Preparations for carrying out a barbaric assassination were almost done. Major Syed Faruk Rahman, one of the masterminds of the massacre, was sitting on a stool in front of the lancer unit headquarters in Dhaka Cantonment. An operation map was open on his knees. Execution of which would send a massive blow to the newly independent Bangladesh. Major Khandaker Abdur Rashid, another mastermind, was standing beside him.

  • Justice kept in long wait

    Justice is yet to be delivered in the cases filed in connection with the murders of Sheikh Fazlul Haque Moni and Abdur Rab Serniabat,

  • One killer safe in US with political asylum

    Despite repeated requests from Bangladesh to send him back, the United States granted political asylum to one of the six absconding killers of Bangabandhu a few years ago.

  • Shock, surprise unfolded

    Accompanied by a dozen armed soldiers Major Dalim had stormed into the office of Gen Shafiullah, the then chief of army, in the morning of August 15, 1975.


    It was around 11:30pm. A Dodge car screeched to a halt before the ammunition store of the 2nd Field Artillery in the moonless night of August 14.

  • Remembering August 15, 1975

    Darkness settled in seemingly with a promise to facilitate a peaceful slumber for the city dwellers after a hot day's tiring work.

  • 5 Bangabandhu killers hanged

    Five condemned killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were hanged early today at Dhaka Central Jail amid tight security.

  • Killers politically rehabilitated

    All the subsequent military and civil governments coming to power after the coup of August 15 awarded and rehabilitated the coup leaders politically instead of punishing the self-declared killers of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

  • Unceremonious burial of Father of the Nation

    Following the killing of Bangabandhu, the killers waited more than 24 hours to bury him and made sure the funeral was done in secret.

  • When Caesar died . . . and with him all the tribunes

    It was a bizarre moment for the country, medieval in its dark dimensions. In the pre-dawn hours of 15 August 1975, tanks rolled down Sher-e-Banglanagar, right by the Rakkhi Bahini camp, and made their way towards Dhanmondi.

  • Aug 15 in world media

    Even before the people of Bangladesh could come to terms with the fact that the nation's founding father had been assassinated, the world media were prompt to pick the putsch for drawing very diverse sorts of analysis.

  • Bangabandhu with his family

    Minus the leader they recognised the country

    Pakistan was the first country to recognise the Khandaker Moshtaque Ahmed government on the first day of the bloody changeover on August 15, 1975.

  • Mohitul Islam

    Ordeals of plaintiff

    On the dark night of August 15, 1975, a young 22-year-old receptionist at Bangabandhu's residence was least prepared for the assassins, who would storm the house and kill eight people, including the father of the nation, while he himself would lay on the ground bullet-hit.

  • Mohiuddin's confession

    Lt Col (retd) Mohiuddin Ahmed gave a confessional statement on November 27, 1996, before the court on his involvement in the killing of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

  • Anjuman

    The brave heart

    Wife of Col Jamil recalls how her husband died trying to save Bangabandhu

  • Begum Mujib

    Shahriar's confession

    Lt Col (retd) Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan gave his confessional statement about the killing of Bangabandhu before the court on December 11, 1996.

  • Farooq's confession

    Lt Col (dismissed) Syed Farooqur Rahman gave a confessional statement to the trial court, on December 19, 1996, about the killing of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

  • A glimpse into the dark design

    ITV Interview with Lt Cols Farooq Rahman (FR) and Abdur Rashid (AR) on August 2, 1976 by Anthony Mascarenhas (AM)

  • Khandakar Moshtaque Ahmed

    Villain behind the putsch

    Khanadaker Moshtaque Ahmed had always appeared with a baleful look in his activities even when the Liberation War was being fought.

  • Where are they?

    Six of the 12 convicted killers of Bangabandhu have been holed up in Libya, US, Canada, Pakistan and Kenya, one died in Zimbabwe, and the remaining five are behind bars at home.

  • Bangabandhu

    Rewards for slayers

    After the most gruesome political assassinations in the history of Bangladesh, perpetrated on August 15 and November 3 of 1975, in which Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with most of his family members, and four national leaders were killed by disgruntled army officers, the killer majors and colonels were allowed free passage to Bangkok by a special plane.

  • Dark law to shield killers

    Just forty-one days into the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, an indemnity ordinance was promulgated by Khandaker Moshtaque Ahmed, who grabbed state power immediately after the killing by putting martial law in place.

  • Sheer luck saved the sisters

    Sheikh Hasina along with her younger sister Sheikh Rehana escaped the putsch on August 15, 1975 as they were abroad at the time.

  • Bangabandhu

    His life, struggle

    Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born on 17 March 1920 to Sheikh Lutfur Rahman and Shahara Khatun in village Tungipara under the then Gopalganj subdivision.

  • Conspiracy hatched for the dark night

    It was not any quick decision to exterminate Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family by some hot-headed army officers, but a long drawn plan that was known to some top political leaders and senior army officers, as the boastful descriptions of the August 15, 1975 carnage by self-confessed killers testify.

  • Bangabandhu

    Too embarrassed to hear

    Over a 10-year period, four High Court and three Appellate Division judges said that they were unable to hear appeal petitions relating to the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman assassination case.

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