Asia's Migrant Workers

Asia's Migrant Workers

4 ‘injured’ in clash between Bangladeshi migrant workers in Saudi Arabia

At least four Bangladeshi migrant workers were allegedly injured in a clash between two groups of Bangladeshi workers in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh on Saturday evening local time.

Malaysia to launch multi-lingual app for workers to expose errant employers

The Malaysian Human Resource Ministry will introduce a new application that will enable a two-way communication between the government and local and foreign workers, Minister Datuk Seri M Saravanan has said.

Forcing migrant workers to wear wristbands is discriminatory and criminalises them: Malaysian NGO

Making it compulsory for all migrant workers to wear wristbands would be a discriminatory move, says Tenaganita, a non-governmental organisation in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Kuwait won’t renew work, residency permits for expats aged 60 years and above

Decision to take effect from January 1, 2020 with maximum 3 months’ deadline for departure

Stranded in Ethiopia’s conflict zone: 104 Bangladeshi expats rescued

A UN convoy has rescued 104 Bangladeshi expatriates in Ethiopia with the help of Bangladesh’s foreign ministry and the Bangladesh embassy in Addis Ababa.

Malaysia to begin implementing plans regarding undocumented migrants’ status from Nov 16

The Malaysian government will implement two plans involving undocumented migrants, including regulating their presence in the country by ensuring that they are legally employed, Malaysia’s Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin has announced.

Saudi Arabia to relax foreign workers’ sponsorship terms in March 2021

Saudi Arabia announces new plans to ease foreign workers’ contractual restrictions, improving a controversial seven-decade-old sponsorship system known as kafala.

Malaysia has agreed to reopen labour market for Bangladeshis: ministry

Malaysia has agreed to reopen its labour market for Bangladeshi migrant workers soon, according to a press release of expatriates’ welfare ministry.

Flight to repatriate 170 Bangladeshis from war-torn Libya suspended

The chartered flight that was expected to repatriate a group of 170 Bangladeshis from war-torn Libya has been suspended today.

Irregularities in overseas job sector will not be tolerated: Minister

The government will not tolerate any irregularities in the overseas employment sector, says Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmad.

Govt to introduce insurance schemes for migrant workers

The government will bring Bangladeshi migrant workers under two compulsory insurance schemes of Tk 2 lakh and Tk 5 lakh in a bid to provide financial security to them and their family members.

Unskilled, trapped in foreign lands

Alauddin Mollick, son of landless poor farmer Shahadat Mollick, had to drop out from school when he was in ninth grade due to abject poverty.

Migrants victims of government’s euphemistic policy

Amid increasing problems and miseries many migrant workers underwent in the recent weeks, Indonesia government proudly announced that remittances sent by migrant workers earned the country 105 trillion rupiah (US$8.4 billion) in 2014, a significant increase from 70.6 trillion rupiah a year ago.

The off-course task force

Taj Mohammad Baloch, a motor mechanic from Karachi town of Lyari, has worked in Oman, Iran and the United Arab Emiraes and speaks highly of his experiences there.

Why it’s so hard for Taiwan’s migrants to save money

Joe De La Rosa, 27, is a Filipino dreaming big in Taipei. Every day for six days a week, he wakes up at 4am, takes breakfast and then bikes to his factory.

Migrating from a rock to a hard place

Even for a farmer with no other skills, a savings of VNÑ75 million (US$3,700) after two years of hard work is not winning the lottery, but Thuy was very thankful.