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  • A candid chat with SUMAIYA SHIMU

    Popular actor Sumaiya Shimu has been active in the showbiz scene for over 19 years. Her performances on television have left an

  • Zahid Hasan on the small- screen this Eid

    Among other things, Zahid Hasan is known for captivating his fans and admirers with his versatile roles on the small-screen.

  • Dedicated to dialogue

    Today marks the 16th year of Tritiyo Matra, one of the most popular talk shows on TV, produced by Impress Telefilm Limited on Channel i.

  • Mohan Khan's 'Nir Khoje Gangchill' completes 700 episodes

    Popular writer and director Mohan Khan has worked on many television ventures in the span of his career. His massively successful TV serial Nir Khoje Gangchill has been running for several years.

  • Sazu khadem shoots in Bangkok

    Popular television actor Sazu Khadem is right now in Bangkok working on different television projects for the upcoming festive season of Eid-ul-Adha. He is shooting for a one-hour tele-fiction titled Back to Love,

  • 'Til Dangar Meye'

    Sabnam Faria will be seen playing the lead in telefilm Til Dangar Meye, to be aired on 3:30 pm on Channel i.

  • Shajal shoots seven tele-fictions

    Popular actor Shajal is currently in Bali, Indonesia, working on seven different tele-fictions for the upcoming festive season of Eid-ul-Adha. Some of these tele-fictions are Ruman Runi's 'Otbhud Shomporko', 'Baalijhor', 'Megh Bole Na Kotha', and Shakhawat Manik's 'Mr Perfect.'

  • 'New York Theke Bolchi' on Deepto TV

    A new teleseries titled New York Theke Bolchi has been aired in Deepto TV recently.

  • 'Sacred Games'

    This July, international streaming service Netflix dropped its first Indian original series, Sacred Games, the Mumbai mob story based on the acclaimed book by Vikram Chandra.

  • The yesteryears with Tariq Anam Khan

    “One of the best known tele-fictions in our television history is Baro Rokom Manush,” says Tariq Anam Khan. “There was a dialogue that was so popular, it caught on as a catch phrase - Thaamle bhalo lage.” This is a dialogue that the veteran actor is still fond of.