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  • Press conference for Teer Little Chef 2018-19 held

    A first of its kind cooking-based competitive reality show, Teer Little Chef, will soon air on Duronto TV. Children, aged between 12 and 16 are eligible to participate in the show.

  • Bhanga Bangla busted!

    In a strange turn of events, the members of controversial rap crew Bhanga Bangla were arrested while shooting a music video at a rented space in Los Angeles.

  • 'Jaygir Master' on BanglaVision today

    'Jaygir Master' on BanglaVision today

  • 'Sobinoye Jante Chai' returns

    Hosted by former Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, Anisul Huq, Sobinoye Jante Chai was a popular programme aired in 1996 with

  • Bhabna's thoughtful portrayals

    Ashna Habib Bhabna, who gained popularity in the field of television when she began her media career, is busy with a range of television ventures. Any role that she takes upon is a new challenge for her, and she fulfills those with diligence and thoughtfulness.

  • CID to go off air after 21 years

    After 21 long years, we will not be seeing any more of ACP Pradyuman flailing his wrists in his signature fashion, or Daya breaking doors like it's nobody's business.

  • Moko Malaysia coming on October 26

    The 40-episode series titled Moko Malaysia, starring Mosharraf Karim, Shamim Jahan, Bonna Mirza, Aparna Ghosh and many others,

  • Celebrating Tahsan with five melodious tracks

    They say that ageing is inevitable; well, someone forgot to tell that to Tahsan Khan. The singer has been a prominent name the music industry for well over a decade, successfully crossing over to the television industry to become a household name. Today is his birthday, and we celebrate 'Tahsan Day' with five of his timeless compositions!


    With the sounds of dhol, set-ups of colourful Puja mandaps and preparations of delectable sweets, Durga Puja celebrations have started across the country. Keeping the festivities in mind, different television channels have Puja special shows in store for the audience. Here are some of the Durga Puja programmes to watch.

  • Raima Sen and Apurba to feature in Dhruba Guha's 'Tomar Uki Jhuki'

    The Dhruba Guha's Je Pakhi Ghor Bujhena has resonated with the audience, garnering an astounding 20 million views.