Films, flashing lights, and stars: Cannes Film Festival concludes today

The Cannes Film Festival geared up for a bumper 75th anniversary edition with a selection of big Hollywood names, buzzy newcomers and previous Palme d’Or winners from May 17– a splashy return even as the conflict in Ukraine looms over festivities.

Satyajit Ray’s ‘Golpo Bolpo Tarini Khuro’ to be adapted in Hindi

A Hindi film adaptation of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s short story, “Golpo Bolo Tarini Khuro”, is in the works.  Ananth Narayan will direct the film, titled “The Storyteller”.

Yash Rohan and Tasnia Farin pair up for ‘Sorry Amit’

On the fifth day of Eid, Abu Mahmud Hayat directorial tele fiction “Sorry Amit” will air on Deepto Television. The production features Tasnia Farin and Yash Rohan in lead roles.

House of the Dragon revives Game of Thrones franchise with a standout first season

The showrunners lived up to expectations, delivering a brilliant storyline in House of the Dragon.

‘Cool Age’ renewed for second season

With a series of unexpected twists and turns, “Cool Age” reached the climax of its first season. Now, the show has been renewed for a second season, which will release on the OTT platform, Bongo BD along with the Bongo Boom YouTube Channel in December.

Gaiman’s Paradox: When adaptations are overanalysed

The approach to critiquing any adaptation is to judge it as a separate piece of work, rather than as a companion piece for the book.

Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ re-creates Neil Gaiman’s world in its own image

If you didn’t read The Sandman, watch The Sandman. If you read The Sandman, don’t expect the same magic as in the pages.

Why I’m excited about ‘House of the Dragon’

Fire & Blood is the historical retelling of the reign of the Targaryens as told by the fictional Archmaster Gyldayn, and it is a compressed version of all the things that make A Song of Ice and Fire so fun.

5 Most Interesting Stranger Things Season Finale Fan Theories

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 ended with quite a few unanswered questions.

Why are pan masala ads landing celebrities in legal trouble?

In India, tobacco is an incredible money-making business. Pan Masala is an Indian smokeless tobacco product that is both addictive and carcinogenic. The government, anti-tobacco crusaders, and civil society are increasingly scrutinizing both the smoking and smokeless groups of the industry. To get around the legislation and health-conscious detractors, both groups have turned to subtle and deceitful methods of surrogate advertising.

'No Land's Man' to screen at Sydney Film Festival

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Mostofa Sarwar Farooki's forthcoming feature film "No Land’s Man" has been selected for the Sydney Film Festival. The news was confirmed by the director himself through social media.

Tisha wraps up dubbing for Bangabandhu biopic

The shooting wrapped up in January 2022, and the biopic’s release date is yet to be announced.

The longstanding fascination with Regency romance

How is it that the privileged lives of the British upper classes, in a period of time which lasted arguably less than a decade, have managed to leave behind such an impressive legacy in English literature?