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  • Day of hope, tensions in Syria

    Syria accidentally shot down a Russian military aircraft, killing all 15 crew members, when its air defences swung into action against an Israeli missile strike, Russian and Israeli forces said yesterday.

  • Poland banned from EU judicial body

    Poland was banned Monday from the EU body representing the member states' judicial institutions over its perceived lack of

  • BREXIT STALEMATE: Tusk pushes for another summit

    European leaders may need to hold an extra summit in November to clinch a Brexit deal and avert "a catastrophe" when Britain leaves in March, EU President Donald Tusk warned yesterday.

  • Robots to do more tasks than humans 'by 2025'

    Robots will handle 52 percent of current work tasks by 2025, almost twice as many as now, a World Economic Forum (WEF) study said yesterday.

  • Germany rolls out world's first hydrogen train

    Germany yesterday rolled out the world's first hydrogen-powered train, signalling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with costlier but more eco-friendly technology.

  • Take Brexit deal or crash out of EU

    British Prime Minister Theresa May insisted her Brexit plan was the only alternative to leaving the EU without an agreement -- something the IMF said yesterday would inflict "substantial costs" on the UK economy.

  • 'Nothing new' in allegations

    The Dalai Lama said Saturday that he has known about sexual abuse by Buddhist teachers since the 1990s and that such allegations are "nothing new".

  • Give Britain another chance

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for another referendum on Britain's European Union membership, saying the prime minister's handling of Brexit negotiations had become "mired in confusion and deadlock" and was leading the country down a damaging path.

  • Migrant processing a rescue ships!

    Austria's far-right Interior Minister Herbert Kickl used a meeting of his EU counterparts in Vienna Friday to suggest processing migrants

  • Johnson says supports May, opposes her Brexit plan

    Britain's former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has said he supports Prime Minister Theresa May and his opposition was not to her but

  • No major offensive planned in Idlib

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday said that the Syrian regime is not preparing a major offensive against the opposition-held Idlib, adding that Moscow will do everything to protect civilians.

  • Court backs EU sanctions over Ukraine crisis

    An EU court yesterday rejected a bid by eight Russian companies to cancel sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis, ruling that the measures were reasonable and proportionate.

  • 'Revolution' as UK tabloid switches tack on Brexit

    As Prime Minister Theresa May clings to power and tries to stop her party splitting over Brexit, she is getting support from an unexpected and highly influential quarter -- the Daily Mail.

  • Plagiarism allegation riles Spanish PM

    Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez yesterday denied allegations he plagiarised his doctoral thesis as he battles a raft of problems in a week that has seen him lose his health minister over similar reports of academic irregularities.

  • 'We were just tourists'

    Two Russians resembling men Britain accuses of jetting to England to murder a former spy yesterday said that they were innocent tourists who had flown to London for fun and visited the city of Salisbury to see its cathedral.

  • European court rules against Britain over mass surveillance

    Europe's top rights court yesterday ruled that Britain's programme of mass surveillance, revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden as part of his sensational leaks on US spying, violated people's right to privacy.

  • Cancer to kill 10m in 2018: experts

    Cancer will kill nearly 10 million people this year, experts said yesterday, warning the disease's global burden continues to rise in spite of

  • EU gives social media 'one-hour deadline'

    The European Union yesterday proposed steps to force social networks and websites to remove terrorist propaganda within an hour of receiving the order from authorities, or companies like Facebook and Twitter could face massive fines.

  • Pope calls unprecedented 'child protection' meeting

    Pope Francis will host a meeting next February of senior bishops from around the globe to discuss "the protection of minors", the Vatican announced yesterday.

  • UN decries 'shameful' reprisals on activists

    The United Nations listed 38 "shameful" countries including China and Russia on Wednesday which it said had carried out reprisals or intimidation against people cooperating with it on human rights, through killings, torture and arbitrary arrests.

  • Hungarian jailed for life over 2016 Budapest bomb

    A Hungarian man was sentenced to life in prison yesterday after a court found him guilty of detonating a bomb in Budapest in 2016 that seriously injured two police officers.

  • Time for Europe has come

    The European Union must flex its muscles as a world power, EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday, as he spoke critically of US President Donald Trump's retreat from international engagement.

  • North Korea doing a lot

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that North Korea was taking a lot of steps towards denuclearising the Korean Peninsula but Washington was not responding and was making endless demands for full disarmament instead.

  • May faces fresh threat

    Leading Brexit supporters yesterday denied reports they were manoeuvering to remove Prime Minister Theresa May -- while stepping up opposition to her plan to withdraw Britain from the EU.

  • EU parliament approves copyright law in blow to big tech

    The European Parliament approves a controversial EU copyright law that hands more power to news and record companies against internet giants like Google and Facebook.

  • UN says Myanmar waging 'campaign against journos'

    Myanmar, facing international outrage over the jailing of Reuters journalists for their reporting on a massacre of Rohingya Muslims, is conducting a "political campaign" against independent journalism, the UN said yesterday.

  • Russia, China in show of force

    Russia launched what it called its largest ever military drills, with hundreds of thousands of troops taking part along with Chinese soldiers in a show of force Nato condemned as a rehearsal for "large-scale conflict."

  • Drugs ruled out in Paris knife rampage

    A man being held after a knife attack that injured seven people along a canal in Paris was not under the influence of drugs at the time, a legal source told AFP yesterday.

  • ICC 'undeterred'

    The International Criminal Court yesterday said it would "continue to do its work undeterred" a day after US National Security Adviser John Bolton threatened sanctions if the tribunal investigated US activities in Afghanistan. =

  • UK 'failing' to save thousands of children from modern slavery

    Britain is failing to protect thousands of children from being trafficked and enslaved, activists said yesterday, criticising the government for lacking a clear strategy to stop girls being sexually abused and gangs using young people as drug mules.