Digital security is the country's priority, claims PM Hasina

On Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emphasised the importance of finding the best ways to guarantee the nation's digital security and raising people's awareness of it as the world grows more complex with the introduction of newer technologies at her official Ganabhaban residence, speaking to the National Digital Security Council.

She mentioned that Bangladesh has developed into a digital nation and is making the most of its capabilities during the current Covid-19 pandemic, sounding a warning against its negative aspects, which primarily affect security-related aspects. The prime minister claimed that as a result of technological development, cybercrime has grown to be a significant issue. He also added that terrorism, militancy, and other social ills are also disseminated via digital devices.

According to the prime minister, the world must learn what Bangladesh can do to ensure its security and draw on outside expertise to do so.

Sheikh Hasina also emphasised the importance of raising awareness among the populace so that they understand the harm that cybercrime can cause to an individual, family, society, and the state. Though the development of science and technology has both positive and negative aspects, according to the prime minister, no country can advance without them.

The prime minister mentioned that after the nation gained independence, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, took the necessary actions after realising the importance of science and technology as well as education in agriculture, industry, and technical fields for progress.


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