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  • Cyclone Fani damaged crops in Bangladesh

    Fani damaged crops worth Tk 38.5 cr: Agriculture Minister

    The severe cyclonic storm Fani that hit the country's coastal areas on May 4 last damaged crops on some 63,063 hectares of land in 209 upazilas of 35 districts, Agriculture Minister Dr Abdur Razzak says.

  • Assess damage fast, respond quickly

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked the authorities to quickly assess the damage and provide assistance to cyclone Fani victims.

  • cyclone fani destruction

    1.55 lakh acres of cropland damaged

    Bangladesh government has reviewed its statistics on Fani’s devastation, raising the extent of damaged cropland to over 1.55 lakh acres.

  • Impact of Cyclone Fani: Trading sees sharp fall in Benapole

    Import-export and travel through Benapole Port saw a sharp decrease yesterday due to the impact of cyclone Fani.

  • BFF Kazi Salahuddin

    ‘Unfortunate, but wise decision to cancel final’

    Calling the cancellation of the Bangamata Under-19 Women’s International Gold Cup final as unfortunate, Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) president Kazi Salahuddin said that the right decision was made considering the gravity of the threat posed by Cyclone Fani.

  • Fani ruins farmers’ days before harvest

    It was only a few days to go until farmer Ruhul Amin’s crops would be ready for harvest, but during Cyclone Fani, everything got ruined.

  • A sigh of relief

    By the time Cyclone Fani entered Bangladesh around 8:00am yesterday, it became much weaker and caused much less damage compared with that by cyclones Sidr and Aila.

  • Cyclone Fani power disruption

    Cyclone ‘Fani’ disrupts power supply in Bangladesh

    Cyclone 'Fani' severely affects Bangladesh's electricity distribution system, rendering nearly half of rural consumers without power.

  • Cyclone Fani

    Sun may shine tomorrow

    Sun may shine in most parts of Bangladesh tomorrow, including Dhaka, after two days of gloom stirred up by what was a severe cyclonic storm.

  • 53,000 acres of cropland damaged in Fani cyclone

    In its trail of destruction after India, severe cyclonic storm Fani has left over 53,000 acres of cropland and 13,000 houses damaged in Bangladesh.

  • National University logo

    NU postpones tomorrow’s exams too

    National University (NU) has postponed tomorrow’s examinations in purview of cyclone Fani.

  • Cyclone Fani

    In photos: The wrath of Fani

    At least 12 people are killed in different parts of the country since yesterday following the onslaught of cyclonic storm Fani.

  • Deer come out of forest for flood in Bhola

    Deer of Monpura forest in Bhola are coming out of the forest to avoid flooding after heavy rainfall influenced by cyclone Fani.

  • Fani: Bangladesh now out of danger

    Bangladesh is now completely out of any potential danger from cyclone Fani, which has reduced down to a depression in the north.

  • Cyclone Fani in Bangladesh

    12 lakh moved to shelters

    More than 12 lakh people have been evacuated and moved to cyclone shelters in 19 coastal districts as cyclone Fani is charging towards Bangladesh, after making landfall in the Eastern Indian coast yesterday morning.

  • Cyclone Fani in Bangladesh

    Anxious wait at cyclone shelters

    It was shortly after 3:30pm yesterday when Saddam Sana, a 44-year-old farmer, arrived at a temporary cyclone centre in Dacope’s Tildanga health complex. He was completely drenched and quivering. Saddam along with his wife and two children...

  • Save people, face Fani

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, now in London, has directed all the government and non-government organisations to work in a coordinated manner to face the severe cyclonic storm Fani.

  • Cyclone Fani in Bangladesh

    Bracing for ‘Fani’

    Cyclone “Fani” is likely to hit our coastlines today and by this evening, it is likely to reach southwestern districts. According to the Met Office, “Fani” might arrive with a wind speed of between 150 and 180 km per hour while crossing Bangladesh...