City Election

BNP wants to make issue: AL’s take on city polls

BNP is following a strategy of election boycott to create an issue ahead of the upcoming general election, Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader says.

Last Day's Campaign: Outsiders flout rules in 3 cities

Defying a ban on their stay in the city corporation areas going to polls tomorrow, outsiders campaigned for the Awami League's mayoral candidates in the three cities on the last day of electioneering yesterday.

EC warnings fall on deaf ears

Ignoring warnings from the Election Commission, mayoral candidates in Monday's Rajshahi, Sylhet and Barisal city corporation elections continued to violate the electoral code of conducts with the electioneering ending this midnight.

BNP voices concern over police role

The BNP is now more worried about the role of police than about its archrival Awami League in Monday's three city corporation polls.

City Polls 2018: BNP worried about its polling agents

The BNP mayoral nominees are concerned that their agents may be driven out of the polling booths during the three city polls on Monday.

More than half involved in business

About two-thirds of the mayor and councillor candidates in Sylhet, Rajshahi and Barisal cities did not have taxable income in fiscal 2017-18, according to their tax return certificates submitted to the Election Commission.

City Polls 2018 / Arrest fear grips BNP ranks

With the city polls in Sylhet, Rajshahi and Barisal only a week away, arrests of BNP leaders and activists remains a major concern for its mayoral candidates.

Anomalies aplenty

Mayoral candidates and their supporters have been conducting campaigns in three cities flouting the electoral code of conduct, but the Election Commission is hardly taking any action to stop this.

Gazipur City Corporation: SC lifts stay; polls by June 28

Electioneering for the postponed prestigious battle of ballots in Gazipur City Corporation is now set to resume after the Eid-ul-Fitr with the voting to be held any day in the last week of next month.

April 7, 2018
April 7, 2018

BNP may pick 'tested' leaders

The BNP is likely to give the party ticket to the two current mayors of the Gazipur and Khulna city corporations for contesting the

November 5, 2017
November 5, 2017

AL, BNP in 6 City Elections: A crucial test before nat'l polls

The Awami League and its archrival BNP look to summon all their strength to ensure victory in the upcoming mayoral polls to six important city corporations as the elections will be a crucial test of their popularity ahead of the parliamentary polls.