Pahela Baishakh 1425 | The Daily Star
  • A defiant show of identity

    A first time visitor to Dhaka on April 14 will be delighted by the undeniable festive mood that this city is adorned with. Most striking

  • Pahela Boishakh in Atlanta:how expatriates celebrate

    Here in Atlanta, in the land of fried chicken and grits, Pahela Baishakh is celebrated with great fanfare. As the chill of winter gives way

  • Celebrating common threads

    A society's culture can be broadly defined as its “way of life”—beliefs and customs generally shared by the people of that particular

  • Emergence of Bengali New Year and Calender

    As an old saying goes: "Bengalis have thirteen festivals in twelve months." This experience-based adage gives an impression of a

  • Looking back as we move ahead

    For most of us, major events of our lives are marked by the Gregorian calendar. But we reserve a special sentiment, even reverence, for


    The first day of the Bengali calendar is an occasion of festivity imbued with the spirit of unity among diversity. This is also a time to