25th anniversary special part-3 | The Daily Star
  • Future of higher education in Bangladesh

    Higher education is considered a very significant area for any country's socio, political and economic development.

  • Do universities add value?

    Never before in History, has a university degree counted for so much. In this 'Information Age', university graduates have life time...

  • The revival of radio

    Radio has played an active role in moulding our socio-political and cultural identity for a long time. During the

  • Education Policy - Excellent on paper

    Education policy in Bangladesh has always been an issue of much anticipation and as well as heated debate.

  • Democratic digitalisation of higher education

    The education report prepared for the UNESCO World Summit, 2009 was named “Trends in Global Higher Education: Tracking an Academic Revolution”.

  • Let pictures do the talking!

    There is something magical about photos -- a fleeting moment captured in a shot, to be cherished and saved

  • Heritage weaves

    Historical accounts are flooded with anecdotes of how cotton goods of Bengal attracted the attention of the whole


    This is the third instalment of our silver jubilee special supplement, themed On High Road to Progress. The third part, titled Services and Quality of Life, contains articles under the sub-sections: Lifestyle; Education and Health; and Sports

  • In hope of better times

    A large crowd witnessed that historic match at the BNS, where the men in red and green, this time under a new Italian coach who would be gone too soon, put up a commendable display in a 4-0 defeat. However, things went downhill from that point.

  • Dhaka University, meritocracy and society

    Not far is the first day of July 2021 when the University of Dhaka will observe a foundation day marking the completion of a century of its existence as the highest place of academic excellence in this region.

  • BPL: Learning from mistakes

    It was a rather unique T20 competition with slow-and-low wickets. The batsmen found it extremely difficult and many termed the wickets as unpredictable. It therefore wasn't a surprise to witness a series of five-wicket hauls in the competition.

  • Matching education, training, skills and jobs

    Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET), or even a broader concept of Technicals-Vocational Skills Development (TVSD)...

  • For the love of football

    “Going home can wait, practice can't,” states Krishna, the little captain of the winning team, with firm determination etched on her face. What made the young women, aged 13 to 14 years, so confident about their victory?

  • Higher education values - Myths and realities

    In 1921 two universities were set up in the larger geographical area of what was then known as Bengal – one in Dhaka, and the other...

  • Marketing the five senses of a tourist

    IMAGINE lying beneath your comforters, in a quietly nestled, shingled roof cottage. The window next to your bed opens up to a world

  • Cricket: The year of Bangladesh

    In this era, success in competitive fields is heavily measured by its commercial value.

  • Big on Facebook

    Digital technologies have become a crucial part of today's world. It has connected the world to an unprecedented



  • Journey to zero

    Another reason behind rapid progress is that at the tipping point of the new millennium, sanitation initiatives shifted from supply side-driven projects to a people-cantered approach.

  • The table talk debate

    Education is the back bone of any nation, and this is something that goes without saying. In the last many decades, Bangladesh has brought...