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  • Displaced in Dystopia

    Shahzadi Begum sat on her bed, her eyes firmly on the recording device set before her. She wore a smile across her face, belying the apprehension evident in her eyes. “When they were asking people if they wanted to go to Pakistan, I wanted to go too.

  • Shrouded in Mystery

    The heist of 101 million US dollars from Bangladesh Bank's account with the New York Federal Reserve Bank has taken the country into a state of total confusion.

  • The Saga of a Self-Destructive Society

    It was just another afternoon for Nusrat and Alvi. After a busy day at school and then spending hours with their tutor, they wanted to

  • Living in a Limbo

    As a result of the global debate on equality and social acceptance of trangenders, the Bangladeshi government now recognises 'Hijras'

  • Equal by law but not in reality

    The government recognition of Hijras as a separate gender was greeted by the marginalised community with great joy

  • The Woes of Homelessness

    Our society treats transgender people as outcasts. They are vilified as criminal groups, a threat to the social fabric, and thus

  • The Story of Dhee

    The day would probably be remembered in history for a long time to come. The country's first ever lesbian comic character -Dhee was launched through an event held at the British Council last week, on September 5.

  • Breaking Our Own Backbone

    “Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation.” – Nelson Mandela


    We can see deep economic contrast in the Bangladeshi society.


    Let's begin the story with a clichéd and somewhat banal question-- did Felani, a 15- year- old girl who was shot dead by the Indian