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  • ROAD 79

    The once quiet, residential area of Gulshan 2, particularly road 79 – sporting plush houses, a restaurant or two and private security officials, has now become a

  • Eid on the Silver Screens

    What can you do to make your Eid worth your while? What can be done to bring in the ultimate spunky twist? With colours, dramatic dialogues, fight scenes, the vavavooms and the ooh lalas?

  • A Wild Struggle towards Home

    Every year during Eid, millions of Bangladeshis rely on some 300 trains of Bangladesh Railway to reach home to spend their

  • Dharmarajika's Act of Compassion

    At the beginning of this Holy month of Ramadan, the internet exploded with a video going viral- but for good reason.

  • The Brutal Experience

    Dhaka's intense traffic congestion is brutal, an experience that, unfortunately, is now a daily event for Dhaka dwellers. According

  • ‘Shuttering’ Stereotypes

    “Just by seeing the angle in which she is holding the camera, I can sense that she takes good pictures,” commented Satyajit Ray once on

  • Dare To Lead

    What do you think of when you hear the word ‘leadership’? Flip through the dictionary and you will find it says ‘The state or position of being a leader’.

  • Be Your Own Begum

    The fight we have been fighting, us women, has been a long and tedious one.

  • The (In)dispensables

    In Bangladesh, we have a strange relationship with our domestic workers. From cooking to cleaning, we cannot think a day

  • The Secrets of her Kitchen

    Born on May 7, 1931, Siddiqua Kabir is a household name. It would be difficult to find anyone in Bangladesh who loves cooking and eating