When the mountains and grass

had life, stones whispered

how the world came to be…

The solstice sun rose framed

by the majesty of a gathering

of monoliths at Stonehenge.

The sheep speak as they

graze on the waving fields…

Did they ruminate of yore?

Did they talk to boulders,

know the secrets of seasons?

Did they hear of cruel stains

that invisibly coloured the

stones to appease unfamiliar

Gods? Did they feel the

rocks rumble? Did these

giants mark graves or

invoke druidic magic?

Amidst the waves of green

and gold, ravens call to the

spirits of ancient souls.

Did they fly 3000 years ago

as they do today, invoking

ancestral spirits with their silent

cries that wrench out of the

uninterrupted stretch of

vibrant blue, a natural

sunshiny backdrop for

the mystical grass lending

to history its timeless soul?

Had it been this way — long

before Bathsheba walked in

Wessex, before towers built by

rocks stood sturdy in Norman

hands, before Robin in the

woods plundered to bridge gaps?

Were there sheep, foxes and magpies

dotting the land when the stones spoke

to men long, long ago?



Mitali Chakravarty is the founding editor of Borderless Journal and writes in quest of a world in harmony.