‘Delete’: Sehri Tales selections, Day 8

The top selections in poetry, flash fiction and artwork for Day 8 of the Sehri Tales challenge; prompt: Delete
Artwork: Muntaha Afifa Fatima


Erin's name was synonymous with greatness. She was known to be an all rounder. You name it, Erin's probably great at it. 
Academics, check.
Sports, check.
Popularity, check. 
Everyone knew Erin. Everyone liked Erin. Offline and online. She had a huge social media presence. Thousands of followers on Instagram. Everyone wanted to be like Erin.
But, like everything in this world, nothing is as it seems. 
Erin is startled awake in the middle of the night with her notifications blowing up. This was not an unusual situation for her, but this time the notifications seemed quite… severe.
She gets up, still half in slumber. She reads the comments popping up on her phone.
"I can't believe Erin is really like this".
"Is that really Erin".
"I knew she was too good to be true".
With a growing concern she opens her instagram page to see that a new video had been posted. Strange, since she hadn't posted anything new. She opens the video and she
sees herself pouring hot coffee on her classmate's head. 
Another new video pops up. This time it's her cutting the same classmate's hair while the poor girl is all tied up. 
Another video. This time she's kicking the same girl in her stomach.
Everything is spinning around Erin. She presses and presses the delete button, over and over again but new videos keep popping up. 
Now everyone knew that Erin was great at everything. She was great at bullying too.

by Faiza Ibrahim



Dear Elizabeth,

I miss you dearly. I am in agony. I can only recall my first heartbreak in my elementary school. When my tablet (it was everything to me) broke down and nothing could fix it. I am experiencing grief as of now. But let me apprise you that I did not mean to do what I'm about to tell you. Withhold your reaction at all costs!

Getting to the point: I accidentally deleted all my cat pictures from my phone! And I cannot get them back! I am sobbing, my friend. My heart's breaking. That is all I can express. I shall retreat to my miserable cave. Have a good night.

by Santana Kamal 




I was staring at the screen for a good 5 minutes. It was done; I had put everything in the note, addressed everyone I wanted to address, and mentioned everything I wanted to mention. This was it; this was the last thing I will ever write in my life. I had read so much about suicide notes and stuff; I always felt it was something special, and a lot of emotions would rush in. But I felt nothing! Nothing but empty and hollow, like I have been feeling for a long time.

Suddenly I felt a nudge in my legs. I looked down only to find Hera there. Hera is my dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever. She was nudging her snoot gently into my legs, giving me a wide grin when our eyes met. At that moment, I felt a sudden wave of love; I felt love towards this golden mute creature, who did not speak but somehow was able to communicate the purest feeling in the universe through her eyes. That hollow feeling was gone; the emptiness was filled with the warmth of Hera's love.

I pressed the delete button on my laptop. I need to find her leash– time to go on a walk with her.

by Abrar Zarif Abir



পানিতে ডুবে শিশুর মৃত্যু

পানিতে ডুবে শিশু মৃত্যুর হার ৩ বছরে বেড়েছে ৩ গুণ

তামিম বাড়ির পাশে খালপাড়ে গেলে সেখানে পানিতে পড়ে যায়। গরু চড়ানো শেষে মাহিনুর বাড়ি ফিরে ছেলেকে খালের পানিতে ভাসতে দেখেন।