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Use of quality materials, compliance with building codes could ensure sustainable construction

The use of quality materials, appropriate site selection and compliance with the national building codes could ensure quality construction and sustainable buildings in Bangladesh, according to experts.

The usefulness of ready-mix concrete in building infrastructures

Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is produced at batching plants as per specifications of concrete and then transferred to the project sites.

Construction sector staring at an uncertain future due to coronavirus pandemic

Bangladesh’s construction sector is set to face challenging times because of the coronavirus pandemic as it would slow down the economy, disrupt development activities and put workers out of jobs.

How concerned are we about building maintenance?

Nearly 20 years ago, Rabiul Islam had constructed a four-storey building on his ancestral land in the capital’s Tejgaon area. Just a couple of years ago, he had extended the building to another floor with a tin-shed roof. And in 2018, he had installed tiles on the floors to be able to get higher rent from tenants.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and construction industries

Construction industries are responsible for 30 percent of the total global resources, 40 percent of the global energy consumption as well as 30 percent of the total greenhouse gas emission.

2019: A good year for construction sector

Bangladesh’s construction industry passed a relatively good year in 2019 riding on increased development activities and mega projects buoyed by a stable economy and rising government expenditure, sector people said.

Making rural infrastructure resilient

Bangladesh should make its rural infrastructures such as roads, bridges, schools, hospitals as well as houses resilient to make them durable and safe so that they can help sustain economic growth.

Construction Materials and Safe Construction Practice in Corrosion-Prone Areas

Corrosion-prone areas can be defined as the areas where chloride ions are available around a structure from seawater or other sources, such as de-icing salt which is used for melting of ice from the road surface to facilitate vehicle movement.

What you should know about corrosion

Corrosion is degradation of the properties of materials due to interactions with their environment. It results in loss of function of the component or system. Most metals are susceptible to corrosion.


The human race advanced from the Stone Age when it found a way to control and use fire. Control means the ability to ignite and

Precast and Place-Cast Concrete

Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world after water. It is estimated that every year 21 billion tonnes of concrete are consumed globally by 7 billion people. This large volume of concrete is used for making buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads, ports, and other infrastructures. Based on the place of casting, concrete is divided into place-cast or cast-in-place or cast-in-situ concrete and precast concrete.

Construction sector looks to thrive on higher demand

The construction sector passed a good year in 2018 and looks to perform even better this year on the back of speeding up of implementation of major infrastructure projects.

How to overcome the infrastructure deficit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is making rapid progress in terms of building infrastructure. As we are on the way to becoming a middle-income country, I am hopeful that we will see a lot of development work in the next couple of years.

Cement industry posts record sales in 2018 amid challenges

Despite various internal and external challenges, cement manufacturers posted the highest ever single-year sales in 2018, on the back of rising consumption of the key construction material in rural areas and development projects, said industry people.

Housing solutions for coastal areas of Bangladesh

Housing is one's fundamental right as per our constitution. The scenario of housing in Bangladesh in general is not good. And the state of coastal housing is even worse. The extreme poor in particular are in an especially grave condition.

Efficient logistics key to boosting local trade, global competitiveness

Bangladesh should put in place efficient transport and trade logistics not only to ensure smooth transportation of goods but also to boost the country's competitiveness globally, analysts said.


Bricks are rectangular blocks of baked topsoil from agricultural land and are used mainly for building walls and roads. They are also used for making coarse aggregate for concrete in civil engineering structures of some countries including Bangladesh.

Fire safety: improving capacities, but a long way to go yet

Fire-safety has been a lingering concern for the citizens of Dhaka for decades. Of all the major hazards facing Dhaka today, fires pose the greatest risk—congested roads, closely packed buildings, narrow lanes and a general lack of awareness of fire hazards make Dhakaites more at risk of death and injury by fire than any other.

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