The end is almost here, so better make sure you are ready for the final battle. If you are a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan and followed all the Avengers movies, then you must have a few important plotlines stirred up in your mind before watching the fourth venture on the big screen. The first thing to recollect is that half of the universe is dead. The Avengers: Infinity War ended in the most shocking and emotionally devastating moment in the history of MCU. After assembling the infinity gauntlet, Thanos accomplished his goal of wiping out half of life, believing that it is the only way of maintaining the balance of the universe. So, obviously the MCU is going to be in a dire situation when the curtain rises on Endgame. Basically, we have to be prepared to look at sad faces when we see the avengers in action this time. We also must recall that, Doctor Strange saw it all coming. His character brought a lot of new and interesting powers to the MCU when he was introduced in 2016 in his solo movie. In the previous Avengers, he used his time stone to time travel and look into all possible probabilities of their success for the upcoming war. He came up with only one probability of them winning. So, he knew what was coming, and maybe even his death was all part of a bigger plan. All of this emotional turmoil and banishment may have been necessary for the ultimate victory. Now, we also must not forget about Hulk and Banner. After the biggest and greenest avenger had his fight with Thanos in the opening sequence, we see that Hulk refused to come out later in the movie. The answer to what happened next between Hulk and Banner maybe found in the Endgame. According to the trailer of Endgame, we see that Tony Stark is stranded in space. However, previously, we saw that Nebula and Tony were the only ones on the planet, Titan, who watched their friends' demise into thin air. So, we should look forward to seeing how the relationship of those two different characters build up as they come together to find a solution to their deserted life, Many conspiracy theories and concepts to what might be the actual end has been in the news ever since the last movie. It is sad, that a widely hyped superhero venture is coming to its last chapter, but it surely left its mark since its first Avengers movie. We bet fans will reminisce this for a long time, and some may even carry on telling stories about this to their grandchildren.



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