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  • Joana Nomrata Mazumder

  • The silent killer lurking in the air

    Surprising as it may seem to some, non-smokers in Bangladesh can die of lung cancer, and we are not talking about passive smoking here.
  • Child domestic workers need more protection

    The recent report of an 11-year-old domestic help, Sharif, falling off a window shade of a high-rise building in his attempt to escape his employers who subjected him to brutal mental and physical torture, sheds light on an unacceptable social practice—employment of underage children in households as domestic help and their subsequent abuse at the hands of their employers.

    Amit Hasan is a well-known actor in the Bangladeshi film industry. His acting prowess was not only limited to playing the protagonist but he also graced the screen by taking on negative roles. ‘Jyoti’, ‘Aamor Shongi’, ‘Bhalobashar Rong’ are some of his notable works. In this interview with Star Showbiz, Amit talks about his experiences as an actor.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    When it comes to binge watching, there are some timeless shows which we always on replay, no matter which era we belong to.

    “As a Bangladeshi when I first went to Cannes, they were quite surprised. The festival committee was amazed to know that a small country like Bangladesh has a film industry.