Opinion / Why online classes during Ramadan should be the standard

It has been difficult for schools to accommodate a vacation throughout Ramadan. However, what makes it unacceptable is not opting for online classes.

Opinion / Why the theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is under-representative

The theme most certainly represents women, but does it represent all women?

Opinion / How corruption is perpetuated across generations in Bangladesh

This is not surprising in a country where adolescents are generally discouraged from thinking about politics and social issues, because these supposedly only concern adults.

Opinion / Let’s not interpret old media through a modern lens

Historical backdrop and our understanding of the relevant historical backdrop are important when we try to study a material or even enjoy it.

Opinion / Should menstrual leaves be issued in educational institutions?

Menstruation, one of the most normal bodily functions, has been branded as taboo since the beginning of time.

Opinion / BCB has to get the head coach appointment right this time

It's high time Bangladesh's coaching woes are resolved.

Opinion / Call for a safe DU campus

We have murdered our humanity and left it to rot at the sanctuary of democracy.

How strict parenting makes it harder to deal with failure

Our generation has been moulded to pursue success without ever learning how to deal with failures along the way.

Bangladeshi stand-up comedians can do a lot better

The local stand-up scene has often disappointed, but it can do better.

Stop the culture of worshipping university seniors

Do we understand the line between worship and respect?

Why would anyone commit fraud to study at DU?

For Sazed-ul-Kabir, not going to DU was an option he wasn’t willing to entertain.

The unwanted necessity of coaching centres

Given the current quality of education, a lion’s share of students needs extra guidance to understand complex topics.

Why the High Court’s comments on women’s clothing is objectionable

"Dhaka has one kind of environment and rural areas have their own."

Jordan Peterson's "Message to Muslims" is diabolical, yet sadly reflective of our world

On July 13, 2022, Jordan Peterson released a video titled "Message to Muslims", receiving plenty of criticism from the Muslim community online.

SSC 2022 delays continue to negatively affect students

Although this break might seem effective at first, this will hinder the examinees’ preparation and cause more harm than good.

The “silent” majority needs to speak up about Narail

The incident did not draw much criticism from the country’s majoritarian religious group.

Everything wrong with the HSC syllabus 2022

A curtailed HSC syllabus was supposed to help student, but has it been doing the opposite?

In the name of dress codes

Dress codes in schools serve a purpose, but often, they hinder students' individual freedoms.

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